5 largest yachting disasters in 2015

5 largest yachting disasters in 2015

Beautiful boats explode, burn to the ground and sink - sometimes all at once.
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Latest «Aloha» Superyachts Aloha

In August, shocking photos and videos of a superyacht sinking off the shores of Greek Mykonos shocked the Internet. The purity of the water at the site of the wreck made it possible to see what had happened in detail. Fortunately, a four-man crew managed to get off the ground and sinking 33-meter Aloha - they then helped local authorities to prevent a fuel spill.

Knockout by Mexican boxer Jorge Kawahi.

Eyewitnesses have been able to film the hurricane ironing the Mexican politician, actor and former boxer Jorge Kawahi's Bellisima, which stands in the Acapulco marina. Unfortunately, the yacht failed to survive the storm - it sank.

Fire, water and Maltese Falcon.

In September, near Pozilippo in Italy, a fire broke out on the yacht of football club owner «Napoli» Aurelio-De Laurentis, 31-meter Angra. Aurelio himself, together with his wife and 10 guests, was on board at the time. All passengers were able to leave the yacht and reach the shore unharmed, but the yacht is likely to be unrepaired. In one of the pictures taken by witnesses of the fire, Angra burns against the background of the famous sailing boat Maltese Falcon.

Powder barrel off the coast of Greece.

Near Piraeus, Ocean 5, a 25-metre yacht, was shaken by several explosions. The boat started a fire, and then it sank. At the time of the incident there were 10 people on board, all of whom jumped into the sea and were saved.

The death of a legend.

A classic Feadship yacht from 1953 died in a fire while awaiting repair work in Huntsville, Alabama. Owners of the 78-foot Notorious include US President Gerald Ford and media magnate Randolph Hirst. This boat was used by actor Charlton Heston during the filming of Planet of the Monkeys. Unfortunately, the fire almost completely destroyed the yacht standing on the dock: it was taken out in pieces. There was no one on board during the fire.

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