Wonder-yudo fish whale

Wonder-yudo fish whale

Are you ready to lay out $100 million for a mega-yacht with a whale tail?
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A Canadian mechanical engineer, Charles Bombardier, has provided the superyacht with a «whale tail».

The project, called Seataci, uses a rocking underwater wing instead of a traditional rotating propeller system powered by hydrogen engines placed in a pair of gondolas on the sides of the ship.

The wing creates waves that push the ship forward, just as the whale moves with its tail.

Special gateways in the side parts of the gondolas can be used for backing up the gondolas for a set of water that will shoot from the front part of the gondolas.

Such a ship is environmentally friendly, moves quietly and can be used even in shallow water, Bombardier assures in his column in The Wired.

Gondolas and the main hull of the yacht are submerged in water thanks to a water ballast system similar to that used in submarines.

The passenger cabins are located in the underwater part of the hull and have panoramic windows to observe the life of sea creatures.

On the remaining main deck above water there are two helipads and two pools surrounded by tropical gardens.

Although the technology to create such a boat already exists, the author admits that the concept is still in the early stages of development. Calculations must be made taking into account the weight of the boat, its displacement, the materials it will be built of and the characteristics of the oscillating propeller.

Charles Bombardier estimates that the budget for the first working prototype of Seataci will be about $100 million.

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