Whose Ulysses?

Whose Ulysses?

It is attributed to Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg. Who bought the most expensive yacht of 2017?
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In October 2017, someone bought a 107-metre Ulysses Explorer, but we still don't know who the mysterious owner is.

It is very difficult to keep such a big purchase a secret. This is, for a moment, the largest brokerage deal of the year! The seller - New Zealand billionaire Graham Hart - requested $195 million for the superyacht.

Usually, when someone buys a vessel of this size, the owner's name is known within a few months: someone is sure «to leak the» information. The record holder for such «plums» is Superyachtfan.com. Some source told the site's admins that the new owners of «Ulysses» are none other than Yuri Milner, number 31 on the list of Russia's richest businessmen, the largest Russian investor in technology companies.

The assumption seemed logical: the seller of the mega-yacht Graham Hart in the past had already had experience of such a deal with a representative of Russian business. He sold his previous explorer of a more modest size to Rustem Teregulov, who owns a stake in «Razvitie-Stolitsa»Bank.

The day after the publication on Superyachtfun.com yacht broker Burgess, involved in the transaction on the part of both the seller and the buyer, denied the information that the buyer of Ulysses is Yuri Milner.

However, rumors continued to circulate on the market, and at the end of November several Hawaiian sites reported that Yuri Milner's «yacht had been» banned from entering the harbor on Molokai Island.

I was referring, of course, to Ulysses. For a long time, these reports were ignored until a couple of days ago, when the Turkish website Hürriyet Daily News released the stunning news: Ulysses belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, not to a Russian, but to an American businessman with a Silicon Valley registration!

Possession of a mega-yacht frankly does not fit into the myth about the modest lifestyle of Zuckerberg: this guy goes everywhere in a T-shirt and flip-flops, refuses to pay and donates millions to charity. «Zuckerberg, who enjoys a yacht for the past five months, was spotted in the Pacific Ocean last month», - says the publication, where there is a photo of the founder of Facebook, together with his wife Priscilla Chan on the bow of a sunbed of a certain ship.

Zuckerberg's spokesperson categorically denied Hürriyet Daily News, saying the founder of the world's largest social network did not buy the yacht.

On a wave of new speculations about a possible owner of a 107-meter Explorer, the press service of Yuri Milner has also become more active. His spokeswoman told AP that the Russian investor does not own a yacht, which in November could not enter the marina of Molokai Island due to opposition from local residents.

The representative of Milner refused to answer the journalist's question whether the billionaire was aboard the 107-meter Kleven baby at the time of the incident. And what's more interesting is that neither the Molokai police nor the authorities confirmed that the yacht belongs to Milner, but the islanders who were in talks with the yacht said that it was the owner, reports The Maui News.

Ulysses is an ice class yacht that can accommodate 30 guests in 15 suites. The whole deck is given to the owner. In addition, Ulysses has 22 cabins for 42 crew members. Two elevators for 13 guests and 8 crew members are provided to allow all these people to move comfortably between decks.

The highlight of Ulysses is the 21-meter catamaran tender, which is capable of speeds up to 50 knots.

There are two cranes in the nose of Ulysses to lift this super tender.

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