How to pick up paintings for a superyacht

How to pick up paintings for a superyacht

Seven selections of paintings by Russian artists for any yacht interior
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Megayachts are increasingly becoming the repositories of their owner's art collections. Art historians are sounding the alarm: owners do not know how to place a work of art, and the crew do not know how to properly care for it.On the Mediterranean and the U.S. East Coast - in the Mecca of yachting - some of the connoisseurs of art decided to fill the gaps and organize training courses for owners, which help to choose the right artwork, properly place it and take care of it.

Bearing in mind that the lion's share of superyachts is owned by Russians, itBoat launches a column by Natalia Khatsela, a Russian expert in fine arts, founder of the SMARTonline gallery of contemporary art and Forbes Woman columnist. In the series of publications, Natalia will tell you how to choose paintings in the same style for different types of interiors, on what sites to look for and buy artworks and how to take care of them so as not to cause irreparable damage to the paintings of masters.

We treat boats not only as means of transportation, but also as a second home. The best designers work on the interiors of yachts, implementing the most daring ideas and considering the latest trends. Sometimes a yacht becomes so home that there are works of art in the interior that reflect the owner's inner world. Which paintings will look logical in the interior of the yacht, and which will cause dissonance?

First of all it is necessary to decide on the style of paintings. Here abstraction, and classical realistic art, and avant-garde works are possible.

Organic will look like work done in the same style. The collection will look stylish and complete.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine the location - where the paintings will be placed. Be sure to take into account the need for a rigid fixation of paintings to the walls.

I have formed seven selections of paintings by Russian artists united by common stylistics or theme.

Abstraction (Alikhanov H.-M.)

The artist's work will be associated with the sea, depth, space and freedom. In our opinion, this is a wonderful theme for a yacht collection of art, works of this kind will fit into interiors in the style of minimalism and American classics.

Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy, Honored Artist of Dagestan Haji Murad Alikhanov (born 1948) did not immediately turn to abstraction. Until 1990 he was engaged in graphics and linocut. However, it was the paintings that brought Haji Murad international fame. Since 2002, the artist has held annual solo exhibitions. His works are in the museum collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Art, museums of Dagestan, Novosibirsk, Perm, Tula, Samara and Kaliningrad, as well as in private collections.Russia, USA, Scotland, Austria, Italy, France, Japan, Norway and Sweden.

    Iconography (Vadim Bo)

    The artist's works are executed in avant-garde style and are devoted to travel, natural phenomena and remind of what is waiting for you on the shore. Painting of such a plan can be seamlessly blended into eclectic or minimalistic interior (if you want bright accents).

    The works of Vadim Borenko, a Petersburg artist hiding under the creative pseudonym of Bo, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Association of Artists of Russia.«Art of the Peoples of the World», refers to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. Using primitive geometric forms, Vadim Bo reflects on his paintings the world of transcendental. The artist has more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. More than 30 of them are personal.

    One of the exhibitions took place within the walls of the Department of Presidential Administration.

    The artist's works are in the museum collections of the Museum of Non-Conformist Art, the Museum of the International Association of the Art «of the Peoples of the World, the Charles Bull Historical Photography Foundation», the Museum of Modern Art.Diaghilev Museum, St. Petersburg State University, State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan and in private collections (Russia, America, Great Britain, Japan, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, European countries). Paintings by Vadim Bo are in the collection of American actor John Travolta.

      Geometry (Ilyin S.)

      A yacht is an order and a clear organization. If the interior of the yacht is designed in a minimalistic style that does not allow for fuss and chaos, these geometric works will be very handy!

      Sergey Ilyin, who received his art education in Kharkov, has five collective exhibitions, including the gallery Regina («Moscow) in» 2001,Kabul«Olympics 02,»Institute of Modern Art (Milwaukee, USA) in 2005, PROUN Gallery (Moscow) in 2018. In 2008, a personal exhibition of «Russia was held - yesterday, today and tomorrow in the» State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Ilyin's works were published in the print media Creative Review, Graphics, Epica and Forbes.

      Lightness and airiness (Wheeled C.)

      Do you like light, airy interiors? The works of this artist will exactly suit the interior of your yacht! Painting of such plan fits into interiors made in the style of American classics.

      Sergey Kolevatykh is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. In addition to the art department of the Moscow Textile Academy, he graduated from the Hague Academy of Arts in the Netherlands. The artist has more than 30 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He participated in more than 80 group exhibitions and international projects. His works are in the state museum and exhibition funds, in the collections of the leading international and international exhibitions.Russian corporations (Deloitte, John Deere, Hyatt Development, Johnson & Johnson, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Hewlett-Packard, Renova, Sitronics, Praedium, AG Capital, Central Properties, Sheremetyevo International Airport) and private collections.

      Black and white look (Pyatnitskaya S.)

      For stylish monochrome interior of the yacht - black and white abstraction!

      Sofia Pyatnitskaya is the youngest artist in our list. Striving for conciseness, minimalism and accuracy of wording, Sofia uses only two colors in her works - white and black acrylic. The 37-year-old artist has participated in seven group and two personal exhibitions in Moscow.

      Italian series (Speransky A.)

      Yachting in Italy? Easy! Even in works of art. Paintings are dedicated to six Italian cities. Such bright geometric abstraction - for fans of clear lines and color. The works will fit perfectly in an interior made in minimalist or eclectic styles.

      Alexey Speransky's paintings adorn Sylvester Stallone's house in Beverly Hills.

      Speransky's first teacher was his grandfather Mikhail Alexandrovich Kuznetsov, who, in turn, studied under the masters Kazimir Malevich and Igor Mashkov. Architectural landscape is Alexey Speransky's favourite genre, but unlike his grandfather, he does not write them in a hyper-realistic manner, but on the contrary, in the traditions of the avant-garde. He participates in Russian and international exhibitions (including those in Moscow, Washington, Los Angeles and New York). His works are in private collections in Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tulsa, Washington, Boston, London, Helsinki and some Eastern European countries.

      Classics of the genre (Sviridov C.)

      Marine landscapes, made in a realistic manner, will appeal to those who love classics in all their manifestations. Paintings for traditional classic interiors.

      In the paintings of the artist Sergey Sviridov reflected his love for the natural beauty of the Crimean peninsula, where he came from.

      His paintings are full of light and colour - they perfectly convey the flavour of southern nature with its colourful variety. After graduating from Surikovka, Sergei Sviridov studied at the studio of the famous landscape painter Afanasy Sukhinin. Since 1999 Sergey Sviridov has participated in sessions of auction houses John Nickolson (London) and Durand (Madrid).

      The rights to publish the images of paintings mentioned in this article belong to the SMART online gallery of contemporary art.Online gallery of contemporary art SMART - a company specializing in the sale of paintings by contemporary Russian artists.

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