How was the annual PROyachting Cup business regatta?

How was the annual PROyachting Cup business regatta?

A corporate that has something to remember, and there's no shame in it.
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Last Sunday, the Royal Yacht Club at the Vodnoy Stadium in Moscow hosted the big annual business regatta PROyachting Cup for the sixth time in a row. The regatta «kills two birds at once»- it is both an original corporate company with elements of teambuilding and PR for the participating companies.

Each team gets a monotype J70 with branded sails and hull, professional skipper, photo accompaniment from water, land and air. As a bonus - presence of a considerable number of publications for which on the threshold of a business regatta there is a race of journalists and which will publish, at least, the press release following the results of an event. This year's list of publications includes Kommersant FM business radio, Independent Media holding, which owns a whole host of different life style magazines, and the onboard magazine Top Flight.

At the end of the race, during the award ceremony, absolutely all participants of the business regatta receive valuable prizes, the first three - medals, and the winners - a beautiful crystal sailing boat, which is not ashamed to put on the most prominent place in the office. Even in such fashionable, as at this year's winners - newcomers PROyachting Cup from design studio Artechnology, settled down in one of Moscow City towers.

In total, 10 companies fought for the crystal sailing boat, including such premium brands as Porsche (represented by Porsche dealer Rublevsky «Center) and»watch company Omega. This partnership made it possible to raffle among all present (journalists, teams and even just the audience) training at the Porsche School of Sports Driving, and for the finalists of the business regatta to prepare a truly significant prize - luxury accessories from the manufacturer of famous Swiss watches.

Like this year's winners, the «Porsche Centre Rublewski» also participated in the PROyachting Cup for the first time, which did not prevent them from winning silver in the competition. Closed the three leaders of the crew of the Top «System . The team has been participating in the business regatta all six years of its existence, and finally their persistence was rewarded.

If organizers had established a «prize of audience sympathy,»the most brutal team would be Skolkovo Sailing Team - serious guys in knees with participation in regattas all-Russia scale, such as the National Sailing League. Read more about one of the key team members - entrepreneur Andrey Chirikov in an interview on itBoat.

The title of the most «target» team would definitely be given to a fully female bakery team Baton «. As real girls, they went out on the water with a full parade and skirts, and so happy 4th place, that it was impossible to resist a smile. «I don't know whether to envy my skipper or sympathize with him,"»commented the host of the event, and I understand him: it's hard to drive and watch the sails when you have a team like this.

Honestly, I still wonder why some companies prefer to hold corporate events in a tavern rather than on water. It seems to me that the only excuse here is to close the navigation season in the winter months. In a race, you learn to work together, to act under stress, to protect each other when necessary, and not to prevent colleagues to act independently within their area of responsibility. You have a great time, you have something to remember, and you don't even have to blush for it.

Confirmed by their own experience. In the journalists' race, I had to prepare a gennaker for the production, and during one of the productions I forgot to put a tack angle strap in the stopper. It was a mistake in a series of fatal - the boat began to fall into the broach ... I grabbed the stretch and started to get it as hard as I could. «You can not», - said the skipper, but my teammate (and in land life - my boss) rushed to help me, and together we did everything. We were lucky - at that moment the wind was a little weaker, if it was a little stronger, we had a real chance to swim in clothes even before the results were announced. We continued to fight and ended up winning. And we learned a good lesson.

Besides all the emotions that sailing gives, it's also just beautiful.

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