Obsidian yacht by Feadship redefines innovation

Obsidian yacht by Feadship redefines innovation

Feadship delivers the 84-metre yacht Obsidian and takes a significant leap towards its ambitious goal of carbon-neutral superyachts by 2030.
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With the successful delivery of the 84-metre yacht Obsidian, Feadship takes a significant leap towards its ambitious goal of producing carbon-neutral superyachts by 2030. This achievement marks a milestone in the yard's journey towards carbon neutrality.

Obsidian's revolutionary engineering, spearheaded by De Voogt Naval Architects, sets a new standard for energy efficiency and environmental impact in luxury yachts. The client's request to surpass the energy efficiency and carbon emission standards of Feadship's pioneering hybrid vessel, Savannah, led to the development of a comprehensive sustainability index (YETI), which guided the project's transformative journey.

Obsidian's hull is finely tuned.

Unlike traditional superyachts optimised only for top speed, the hull of Obsidian is thought for optimum efficiency at cruising speed as well. Along with weight control measures and advancements in electric propulsion that further contribute to reducing carbon emissions. The yacht can operate on non-fossil diesel fuel called HVO, leading to an impressive 90% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels. As a further matter, recent sea trials demonstrated that Obsidian is even more efficient than initially estimated.

The interior of Obsidian is as remarkable as its eco-friendly engineering.

Featuring a single-level engine room, the yacht affords designers greater creative freedom to craft an exquisite interior layout. As a result, with seven staterooms and spacious guest accommodations, Obsidian rivals the volume of 100-metre yachts. Collaborative efforts by British firm RWD and MONK Design resulted in a bold and modern character that complements the yacht's innovative features. Just a few examples:

  • An asymmetrical atrium staircase leads to a lower deck dining saloon with an entire wall that opens to provide a terrace view just 75 cm above sea level.
  • Towards the stern lies the Aqua Lounge, a unique space adorned with massive windows below the waterline, granting guests an unparalleled view of the surrounding waters while they work out in the adjacent gym. But this space is not limited to just fitness; it can effortlessly transform into a cinema or even a classroom, adapting to the preferences of those on board.
  • A remarkable interior bow observation lounge features double-curved glass floor-to-ceiling windows. Accessible via a main deck corridor through the tender garage, this hidden gem offers an unparalleled perspective for the guests.
  • Interestingly, barring the staterooms, none of the interior spaces boasts 90-degree angles, further adding to the vessel's distinct character.

Obsidian's commitment to sustainability extends to its propulsion and energy systems. 

Leveraging Feadship's Advanced Electrical Drive (FAED) program for diesel-electric hybrid power, the yacht boasts an impressive 4.5 MWh battery bank, offering 4.5 times more electrical storage capacity than Feadship's earlier hybrid yachts, Savannah and Lonian. The 1,000-volt DC system, entirely powered by electricity, eliminates the need for drive shafts and rudders, reducing drag. Obsidian can cruise silently for 35 nm at 10 knots on batteries alone, providing up to 15 hours of quiet anchorage.

Innovative energy management further optimises energy consumption. 

Obsidian utilises waste heat from generators and AC chillers for electric heating, effectively repurposing incidental heat generated from other functions. This system significantly reduces the yacht's hotel load energy needs, covering air conditioning, heating, hot water, lighting, cooking, entertainment electronics, pools, and laundry service.

Electric-Powered Tenders by Tenderworks.

Obsidian showcases its commitment to carbon reduction with electric-powered tenders custom-made by Tenderworks. For instance, four fast charging stations enable convenient charging within the yacht's tender garage, exemplifying Obsidian's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Obsidian sets an unparalleled benchmark for the future of luxury yachting. Its pioneering design, unmatched innovation, and unwavering commitment to sustainability make it a genuine symbol of eco-conscious luxury.

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