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Slovenia, Begunje na Gorenjskem

SVP AVIO d.o.o.

Zapuže 10a, 4275

The brand Shipman produces luxury sailing yachts and performance cruisers. There are 5 models currently in production ranging from 18 to 31 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Shipman and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Shipman Model Range

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Company history

The history of Shipman began in 1968 on the Swedish island of Visby, where the first Shipman 28 designed by Olle Enderlein was built. Lightweight and fast, the yacht proved to be in demand in the market, with around 1300 hulls of this model subsequently built. A year later the very successful 30-foot Shipman Scampi designed by Peter Norlin was also launched, followed by the Shipman Accent, Shipman Stratus and monotype Shipman Ballad by Rolf Magnusson.

In 1993 the shipyard started working with J&J design, and Shipman 8m One Design was born, which was built in Slovenia at Seaway shipyard. In 2003, Shipman was taken over by Seaway, and the development of the first all-carbon Shipman 50 began. In 2004 this boat won the «European Yacht of the Year title in» all categories. Two years later the same title was awarded to Shipman 63, and the innovative evolution of Shipman continued. In 2013, the company introduced Shipman 59 with hybrid propulsion and solar panels.

Despite technological advances, however, Seaway has suffered a financial collapse and in 2015 it was declared bankrupt. The company's assets were saved thanks to the enthusiasm of entrepreneur Vladimir Zinchenko, who subsequently bought Seaway out in full.


She's active.


Shipman headquarters are located in the village of Begunje (Slovenia), near Lake Bled. One of the company's production sites is also located there. Production is also carried out at shipyards in Slovenian Puzonzi and Italian Montalcon on the Adriatic.

Model range

The Shipman brand combines semi-castomponents. cruise racing yachts in carbon composite hull and 59-100 feet long. The yachts are equipped with a carbon rankout.


Shipman yachts are ultra-modern, innovative speed boats, easy to operate and designed for a minimal crew, including single yachtsmen. Twice Vendee Globe single world winner Michel Desjoyeaux participated in the development of the Shipman concept. The Shipman's high price/speed rating is combined with the same level of comfort on board. The lift keel gives more freedom in shallow waters, the small rolls facilitate stress-free cruising. As the creators say, Shipman is for those who want to spend summer in the Mediterranean, winter - in the Caribbean and in their own pleasure to go two transatlantic a year.

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