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Brand history

After graduating from the Central School of Art and Design, Tim Heywood couldn't find a job for a long time, and to make ends meet, he was moonlighting on a construction site. In the early 70's he was lucky enough to get a job in the studio of the legendary Jon Bannenberg, where he was able to not just gain experience, but to earn respect of the master. After Bannenberg's death, Tim left the company and started his own firm Tim Heywood Design together with his wife Vanessa.


Tim is inspired by everything that surrounds him. Nature, art, history, cars, architecture. In his design there are references to ancient times, modern trends and bold futuristic ideas.


The studio deals exclusively with interior and exterior design of motor and sailing superyachts. At the beginning of his career Tim focused on interior spaces, but today his portfolio is dominated by projects with exterior design.

Cooperation with shipyards.

The studio has established a fruitful relationship with Amels, which has released more than a dozen projects with design by Tim Heywood. The studio has also worked together with Oceanfast, Lurssen, Feadship, Blohm & Voss, Icon Yachts and others.

Landmark projects

The company has been developing the exterior for the A+ yacht from German shipyard Lurssen (new name Topaz), launched in 2012. The 147.25m is the fifth largest private superyacht in the world.


Tim Heywood Design is an unusual studio. Despite its rich history and popularity, Tim does not seek to hire assistants, the company does not even have a website. He does all the work with Vanessa himself. The headquarters are in Hampshire.

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