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Brand History

Bruce Farr was born in Auckland in 1949. As a teenager, he designed the Moth and Skiff18 dinghies. Uneducated to realize his dreams, he began experimenting with new materials on his own in new boat classes.

After success in «tone» classes, the studio, registered in 1981, began to appeal to serious customers. The boats from Farr Yacht Design have been involved in all of Whitbread/VOR's around the world since 1981 and have won from 1986 until 2015. In addition, the studio designed the Whitbread60 and Whitbread60 classes. VO65.

At the same time he started collaborating with the «America»'s Cup teams. For the first New Zealand Cup 1986/87 campaign Farr is designing an incredible KZ7. The studio then worked with New Zealand syndicates and BMW Oracle until 2007.

In addition, projects from Farr successfully performed at Vendée Globe, Sydney Hobart, Barcelona World Race, Transat JV.


One of the first Bruce Farr to design a flat, wide aft displacement racing boat that was astonishingly fast. His ideas were borrowed from other designers and became trends in modern yacht building.

Specialization .

Farr Design has successfully applied its experience in the production and custom sailing superyacht industry. The Renome studio attracts clients who are not devoid of sports excitement, even when it comes to luxury projects.

Collaboration with shipyards

Everywhere from club races to the open sea you can find boats designed by Bruce Farr. Be it the famous First from Beneteau, the Bavaria range (Vision and Cruiser) or the serious Mumm30 and Farr40. In the «top league, the studio's» name is associated with the successful Cookson50, TR52 and Fast40 projects.

The designs were built on Marten, Wally, Persico, Baltic, McConaghy and Southern Wind launched several lines of Farr Yacht Design yachts.

Landmark projects

Among hundreds of projects it is worth remembering the successful monotypes Farr 40 and Platu25. In the world of superyachts the studio has been working since the 80's and was the author of the famous sloop Mirabella III, cacha Sojana, the record holder of Fastnet - maxi yacht. Leopard3. The studio praised the IMOCA60 Foncia in its round-the-world races. In 2019 the world was amazed by the radical design of the yacht. Canova from Baltic, which is equipped with an additional DSS wing.


One of Bruce Farr's first partners and future studio president was Russell Bowler. He was the one behind the successful development of composite technology for enclosures. Now, the founding fathers of the studio have retired. Since 2008, Patrick Shaughnessy, who built a career at Farr as a draughtsman, has been president of the studio.

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