Weekend sailing - the right format!

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At the end of April a new format was launched in Lisbon combining sailing races, business communication as well as cultural and ethno-gastronomic programme.

Three racing days (a long weekend) make it possible to get maximum sport emotions, the competitions are held on monohulls, the proven model of long-term success of business regattas is the basis - everyone can take part in the races under the keen guidance of experienced sailors and sailing stars.

« Over the past few years an informal club of sailing fans has been formed who regularly participate in amateur regattas, but want to get more sport during the races and improve their sailing skills - for them we came up with this project! » - Anna Stepanova, General Manager of «Sailing Weekend» - «We are attracting the top-management of the Russian companies and business owners to participate in the weekend, we are creating another platform for communication of the business audience». Sergey Dzhienbaev, head coach of Russian national team, who participated in the weekend, says «three-day active coastal races are the best option for both amateurs and professionals. Combining the races with excursions to historical sites and a cultural programme is an ingenious solution of combining recreation and sport».

The Portuguese capital's Yacht Club welcomed the first Sailing Business Weekend of the 2013 season. The Archambout Grand Surprise 32ft spinnaker-equipped fleet was waiting for the participants under the famous bridge «on the 25th of April». « A great event, very dynamic and intense, a new and interesting format for sailing enthusiasts who can't, for reasons of busyness, get away for the whole week. A strong line-up of participants, both helmsmen and crews, the fight was fierce and intense until the last minute! » - Nikolay Drozdov, Advisor to the General Director, shared his impressions of the pilot weekend JSC «Rusatom Overseas».

During three days, 11 races were held on the Tejo river estuary «double loop distance» in wind force up to 25 knots. The daily draw determined the choice of boat for each team, and the serious competition on the course changed the leaders of the standings. Ignat Vodopyanov (company «Theorema») notes that the format of the racing weekend was closer to him than the regattas he participated in before: «Three full days of racing - corresponding to 60% (!!!) of the 'regular' regatta schedule, where you sacrifice a week of time and live aboard, which I personally do not like». « The event is attended by highly professional helmsmen, actively racing athletes. The same boats - drawing of boats before each racing day and preparation of boats by yacht club professionals without participation of crews, eliminates "tuning of cables according to granny's recipes", and allows the crews to really race, not tuning».

The weekend was attended not only by experienced sailing enthusiasts, but also by newcomers. Dmitry Andreev, Client Relationship Director at«CROC» says that he took part in the races «for the first time, at the invitation of friends. I liked the format of the sports weekend, it was very dynamic and eventful. A great opportunity to combine sporting endeavors, business communication and an educational program in a few days, without losing the work process».

In the busy schedule of the weekend there was time for a tour of the historic centre of Lisbon and a trip to the westernmost point of Europe, Cape Roca. Tastings of Portuguese wine and sea food accompanied the summing up of the day's racing. « The Lisbon Yacht Weekend can safely be considered a successful event and the start of a new format of Russian yachting! This format of the weekend will allow many to continue to be engaged in their favourite hobby/sport without interruption of business/production. We are looking forward to more weekend sailing from the organizers! » - says Dmitry Lugansky, Vice-President«Nordea Bank».

The weekend project is a good chance for the Russian business audience to take part in sailing races more often. Apart from the excitement of the competitions, it is also an introduction to different classes of sports racing monotypes (j80, sb20, platu 25), training of sailing race tactics and experience of different roles on board of the yacht. Weekends in Barcelona, Cyprus and French Cote d'Azur are planned in the calendar for 2013, and the nearest event will take place in Kiev from June 7 to 9 with the support of the racing school of Olympic medalist Rodion Luka.

Author: Anna Stepanova. Source: VFSU

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