Tuapse will host the National Sailing League stage

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The second stage of the fifth season of the largest sailing project in Russia - National Sailing League (NSL) - will be held from April 19 to 28 in the Tuapse water area.

According to the organizers it is the first time in modern history when the city will host a regatta of such scale: more than 300 yachtsmen will take part in it. Regattas of the League are held in the format of 20-minute coastal races with crew changes.

From April 19 to 21 the races for 24 teams of top division and 15 teams of children division will be held, and from April 26 to 28 at least 15 representatives of the premier division will take part in the start. Traditionally, as part of the top division, a special prize of the RSC «Leader» will be awarded for the fastest distance.

The first stage of the NPL competition was held in late March in Sochi. In the Higher League the strongest team was the Chechen team «Akhmat», and in the Premier League - B-Team from St. Petersburg.

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