Russian businessman wins case against yacht broker

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A London court rejected a claim by broker Moran Yacht & Ship, which demanded a commission from the sale of a yacht owned by Russian businessman Kirill Pisarev, founder of the PIK group of companies .

Mr. Pisarev was dissatisfied with the yacht 4YOU because of its design features and decided to replace it with another. According to Moran Yacht, they were to deal with the sale of the boat and assist the businessman in buying a new one, while Pisarev claims he was ready to sell the boat, but did not give orders to Moran Yacht.

Despite the lack of orders, the broker still showed 4YOU to potential buyers in 2010. This included Alexander Milyavsky, Pisarev's business partner.

In 2012, Miliavsky purchased the yacht, so Moran Yacht was confident that it deserved a commission because it was showing the goods to the future owner. The court, however, saw no connection between the demonstration of the yacht and its purchase, as the company, at least at that time, had not received explicit orders to sell the yacht, but had done so on its own initiative.

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