A yacht carrying migrants sank off the coast of Greece

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At least 22 people have died after a yacht crashed off the coast of Greece.

Several dozen migrants were trying to illegally enter the country on a 10-meter yacht. Unfortunately, the boat, which was not designed to carry so many passengers, capsized.

A small two-metre long dinghy was going next to the vessel. It was also overcrowded and capsized.

Initially two casualties were reported, but the rescue operation resulted in the discovery of 18 dead adults and 4 children.

Thirty-six people were rescued.

The identified migrants were from Somalia, Syria and the state of Eritrea, while the search for other victims is still ongoing.

So far it is said that the boats were carrying 65 people, the figure is not conclusive.

«We can't say with certainty exactly how many people were on the boats and how many we still haven't found»," a coast guard spokesperson commented on the incident.

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