There are cows grazing in the shallows...

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Eigg Inlet in the Scottish Hebrides is a mini paradise on the sea and an ideal place for a sailing holiday. Plus, when grounded at low tide, it offers scenic views of neighbouring islands.

This 30-square-metre piece of land has about 60 inhabitants. Not only have the islanders managed to get the land transferred into their ownership, but they've also managed to provide the island with 100% renewable energy from local sources.

Last July, the couple Marie-Christine and Alain Soroko got into a funny situation here. That day, their boat was aground as usual. Alain was inside and Marie-Christine had gone shopping in the village. On her return she saw the scene: the boat was surrounded by four-legged animals! Clearly intrigued, dozens of cows were circling the sandy yacht.

Alain did not immediately see «guests». Only when he heard the ringing of the anchor chain he suspected that someone decided to disturb his peace. The cows liked to dance around the yacht so much, that only a football horn helped to make them leave. However, Marie-Christine managed to capture this pastoral maritime picture.

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