America's Cup Catamarans «» will be reduced

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By a majority vote of the participating teams in the 35th America's Cup «» it was decided to reduce the size of catamarans.

The change will be made to the competition protocol and, as a result, sailors will not race AC62 class boats, but boats between 45 and 50 feet as part of the main races in Bermuda in 2017.

The decision to put the issue to a vote was prompted by the organizing committee's desire to cut costs for the teams. If earlier the construction and maintenance of catamarans required about $100 million, now it will not take more than $20 million (calculations made by the media).

Teams mostly agreed to change the rules of the race, but not without scandal: Luna Rossa, which promised last week to leave the Cup if the boats are reduced, has confirmed that it will keep its word and withdraw from the trophy.

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