Vripack will create an art installation in a museum in Beijing

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Vripack design studio will create an art installation for the Museum of Modern Art in Beijing. The installation will be part of an exhibition dedicated to maritime art and culture. Together with some other famous Dutch yacht brands, Vripack will join the Dutch maritime art stand.

The Vripack installation will be based on yachts designed by Vripack and distinguished by their high quality and seaworthiness. One of Vripack's latest creations is the 51m Explorer Flow with perforated pattern on the sides.

Vripack naval architects already showed an art installation called «Holi Shell» at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show. Its centerpiece was the frame of a huge seashell, the interior of which spiraled with drawings, drawings and photographs reflecting Vripack's approach to yacht design. Images of the design firm's projects were projected onto the wall opposite the shell's mouth. Here's how it was:

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