J/70 World Championship organizers disqualify seven teams for keel manipulation

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Seven teams were not admitted to the World Championship in J/70 class for violation of the measuring rules. Of these, five teams are from Italy, the host country of the championship, one British and one Russian team.

In the ban list there are famous names: Vertigo Marco Salvi, Mascalzone Latino Jr Achille Onorato, Viva Allesandro Molla, ALCATEL J/70 Cup winners Calvi Network team Carlo Alberini, Asante Sana by Claudio Dutto, Rush Diletta 20 by Mauro Mocchegiani, New Territories by Alex Semenov with tactician Hugo Rocha, world champion in J/80 and SB20 classes.

These boats «have modified the keel more than allowed by points C and E2.1 of the class rules», according to a statement from the organizers.

The National Association of the J/70 Class has issued a special statement relating to the scandal, condemning the actions of the offenders and noting that disciplinary action awaits them.

According to Yachts Russia, one of the teams tried to change the keel from modified to the original one brought from the mainland at night.

The J/70 World Championship takes place in Port Cervo from September 12 to 17. Russia is represented by Arttube by Valeria Kovalenko, Fantastica by Lafranco Cirillo, Golden Wing by Dmitry Shunin, Jane by Petr Lezhnin, Joyful by Denis Cherevatenko, in Corinthian division by Magic by Alexander Makarov.

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