Americans living on a luxury yacht pretended to be poor

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A couple who collected food stamps and received cash benefits from the state of Minnesota have been charged with fraud. American Colin Chisholm III and his wife Andrea received more than $ 165 thousand in social assistance benefits to the poor from 2005 to 2012, but all this time living on a yacht in Palm Beach, reports Reuters.

The 83-foot boat, meanwhile, is worth about $1.2 million and was purchased in 2005, right after filing a claim for poverty and asking for welfare payments.

The couple was also found to have about $3 million in savings in their account.

«In addition to hiding their true income, the owners of The Andrea Aras are accused of lying about their location: according to the documents, they were supposed to live in Minnesota, the state they were kept in», but in fact they were in Florida.

U.S. authorities are currently searching for the Chisholm family, but since the search began in February and the defendants have not yet been found, it is likely that the government-sponsored fugitives have fled their homeland.

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