SOS writing in the sand saved five sailors

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Five sailors stranded on a desert island were rescued by a rescue team. A giant SOS inscription in the sand helped to find the stranded people.

The sailors are reported to have anchored the boat and gone fishing for oysters. For some unknown reason, the boat dropped anchor and drifted away from the anchorage.

The divers did not have their own communication devices, so the alarm was raised when a 6-metre vessel was spotted drifting off the coast of Australia. A helicopter was assigned to search for the missing people.

The sailors were found quickly enough as a call for help, left in the sand, attracted the attention of rescuers three hours after the search started.

The sailors were staying nearby, on a nearby rocky island, where they had gone for fear the tide would wash away the embankment.

The sailors have now been brought ashore. They are in good health and unharmed.

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