There was a hearing in England in the death of Andrew Simpson


On Wednesday, May 21, in Bournemouth, England, a hearing was held on the death of British yachtsman Andrew Simpson.

The assistant coroner, who investigated the circumstances of the Olympic champion's death, said that the accident should be characterized as an accident - no one was to blame for what happened. There will be no additional work to clarify the circumstances of the case.

Such a statement did not satisfy everyone. Bart Simpson's mother, Pamela Simpson, said she disagreed with the coroner. In her opinion, what happened was not coincidental - the boat Simpson was racing was inappropriate.

Besides, according to Mrs. Simpson, her son had openly complained about the performance of the boat, which, moreover, had already been involved in other accidents, and fellow athletes had called AC72 too powerful and difficult to steer.

At the same time, it is not clear whether the dissenters will challenge the coroner's report and demand revision of the case and compensation.

Recall that one of the world's most famous yachtsmen died while preparing for the 34th America's Cup «». The catamaran with the athlete on board overturned. Simpson got entangled in the ropes and could not resurface in time.