Tracy Edwards will restore the victorious yacht Maiden

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Celebrity yachtswoman Tracey Edwards has declared her desire to restore the yacht Maiden, which sits on an abandoned island in the Indian Ocean, unused and in need of major repairs.

The 58-foot sailing yacht helped Tracey Edwards make history: 25 years ago in 1990 the first all-female crew won two of the six rounds of the Whitbread Round the World Race.

It will now take Edwards around £50,000 to get the 46-year-old yacht back on track. As well as repairing the boat, the skipper plans to reunite the winning crew and take her sailing in May 2015. The yacht will then embark on a tour of UK museums.

Former Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon, who also took part in the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1985-1986, and Sir Richard Branson have already shown an interest in Ms Edwards' campaign.

It will be recalled that Tracey Edwards was the first female participant of Whitbread Round the World Race (current name is Volvo Ocean Race). It happened in 1985. In addition, Tracy Edwards became the first woman to be awarded the title «Yachtsman of the Year».

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