Perini Navi launches Perseus3

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The Perini Navi yard has launched a new yacht. Perseus3 is the second vessel in the 60m series.

The boat features a proprietary sail control system and a lifting keel with a draft ranging from 4.3m to 12.3m.

The mainsail is 75m high with a 23m long boom. They are made of carbon fiber. In addition, «Perseus» is the yard's first boat with a bowsprit also made of carbon fibre (at the request of the customer).

The hull is made of aluminium and was designed by a renowned yacht designer. Ron Holland. The interior is designed by Perini Navi's in-house architects. The interior of the vessel was designed for common areas and 5 cabins which can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The owner's stateroom is slightly larger than the guest staterooms. It can be divided into two sections with the dismountable bulkhead. At the moment there are almost no pictures of the mega-yacht on the web.

Perseus3 is now awaiting transition to owner, with the next vessel in the series due to be launched in 2015.

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