Submissions are now closed for the 2014 Yachtsman of the Year Award «»

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Acceptance of applications for the title «Yachtsman of the Year 2014» is now closed, the organizing committee of the award reports. So far 148 applications have been submitted and 78 nominees have been selected.

In the near future, November 26, 2014, winners in 12 categories will be known: « Yachtsman of the Year», «Yachtswoman of the Year», «Sailing Legend», «For Contribution to Sailing», «Team of the Year», «Golden Pen», « Golden Lens», «Best Competition Organizer», «Best Long-Distance Sport Cruise», «Judge of the Year», «Coach of the Year» and «Kids Sailing School of the Year».

In particular, Maksim Tokarev, Arkady Kistanov, Maksim Nikolaev, Pavel Sozykin/Dennis Gribanov, Evgeny Aivazyan, Evgeny Neugodnikov, Alexey Kulakov, Sergey Komissarov, Alexander Kulyukin, Vladimir Lyubomirovare contending for the title «Yachtsman of the Year».

«Mariam Sekhposyan, Stefania Elfutina, Elena Kalinina, Maria Kislukhina, Alexandra Lepina/Maria Novoderezhkinawill compete for the title of» yachtswoman of the year.

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