«Yachtsman of the Year» vol. 2: families, adventurers and sea wolves

«Yachtsman of the Year» vol. 2: families, adventurers and sea wolves

Yacht Russia magazine held an award ceremony for the winners of its version of the award.

The ceremony of awarding the second ««Yachtman of the Year alternative» prize» from Yacht Russia magazine took place in the evening of November 29 in the Moscow theatre Russian «Song.

Although, unlike similar awards of the All-Russian Sailing Federation (VFSF) or PROyachting during the celebration from Yacht Russia do not award the best mariners, in anticipation of the ceremony guests could admire the exhibition of the Aristocrats of the Seas «from the Marine Photographic» Assembly. Muscovites have already seen these pictures of Russian large sailing ships «Kruzenshtern», «Nadezhda», «Pallada», «Mir», «Chersonesos» and Sedov«, for»example, during the festival Primordial «Nature at the» Central House of Artists in February this year. But let's be honest: even if it's not the first time you've looked at these images, it's still impossible to look away from them.

This year the prize celebrates two anniversaries at once. Firstly, if we do not take into account the division of a single Yachtsman «of the Year from 2017» into two separate awards because of the conflict between the WFTU and Yacht Russia, in 2018 the award is given for the tenth time. Secondly, 2018 marks the 300th «anniversary of the establishment of the world's first yacht club - the Neva Fleet or Nevskaya»« Flotilla -» by Peter the Great in 1718. It is accepted to consider that then sailing was born in Russia.

The idea of a rich heritage and continuity of the sailing tradition in Russia became the leitmotif of the current award.

The award scenario was based on an album book by Sergey Borisov 300 years «old. History of sailing in Russia», published with the support of Yacht Russia. Before each nomination the prize was first virtually awarded to any of the famous Russian sailors of the «past centuries». And already after - their descendants from the XXI century.

One of the first awards in the form of a sailing boat was given to Tatiana Zhuravleva, coach of the Moscow windsurfing team, coach of the bronze medalist of the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 Yana Reznikova and bronze medalist of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 Stefania Eelfutina.

«Thank you so much to my athletes for their hard work. You guys are the best! I love you guys so much! And also to the parents of my athletes. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able to do this for sure!» - said from Crane's stage.

The award was presented to Tatiana Zhuravleva by Georgy Shaiduko, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, world, European, USSR and Russian Champion, who will go to Bahamas this week to represent our country in the prestigious Star Sailors league.

«A coach is a good coach is for life. My first coach, Nikolay Esaulov, is sitting here today. He and I have been walking since we were ten years old. The deserved person - brought up a huge galaxy of racers. I believe that without a coach no victory is possible, -»concluded Shaiduko.

Where the best coach is, there's the best sailing school. The award in this category went to the sports school on sailing Krestovsky «Island (»St. Petersburg), created just a year ago. But persistence and ardour of pupils of school can be envied by many. Is it a joke - at competitions of various levels they have already managed to win 55 gold, 54 silver and 38 bronze medals. Over 20 athletes from«Krestovsky Island» are part of the Olympic team.

From training to competition. And competitions, of course, are impossible without judges.

«Judge's work is probably one of the most difficult. You're always on edge: your decision is always for someone plus, for someone minus. You're always "guilty" either for one side or for the other. It takes a lot of courage to be a referee»," said school «head of Krestovsky Island and» former head coach of the Russian Olympic sailing team Natalia Fedorova, who came on stage to announce the name of the referee of the year.

The jury awarded the prize to the Honored Coach and Honored Master of Sports of Russia Sergey Kuzov, who has been working as a judge at more than 30 regattas for the second season in a row. The award for Kuzov was long awaited - he was nominated for the Referee of the«Year four times.

«The judge's brigade isn't one person. I would like to thank everyone who has worked with me this year, including the other nominees. Thank you so much!» - said Cuzuzov.

Other nominees were Veniamin Gusev, a member of the WFTU Racing Rules and Appeals Committee, a member of the Match Race Subcommittee and test instructor of the WFTU VCNS, as well as Svetlana Mansurova, the secretary of the largest all-Russian competitions in various types of sailing races.

The other side of the competition is their media coverage. The journalist who coped with it best in 2018, became Alexey Zhirov - director of public relations of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, creating videos and programs about sailing on the Match channel!

The prize «for the contribution to the development of sailing was»awarded to Andrey Kislov, the man who gave 70 (!) years of his life to the development of sailing! He first became passionate about this sport in 1948 when he was only 12 years old. For many years he became a four-time prize-winner of the country's championships, was a vice-chairman, the Chairman of the USSR FPS in 1963-1989, and also a member and vice-president of the International Sailing Union in 1976-1990. Just a few days ago, on November 26, he turned 82.

«I saw him for the first time in 1974. For me, it was a god who makes regattas, sails. Then he carried the flag at the Olympics because he was the one who organized it, "dragged". I take my hat off in front of his strength of spirit and before the hard work he puts into the sail," said»Alexander Muzychenko«, 1980 Olympic champion in the Zvezdny class, who»presented the award on stage, about the winner in this category.
«I'm worried: at this age you give me such an award - "For contribution to the development of sailing". I would like to repeat: in the development of sailing, not in its destruction. We went through different periods. The time was this: throwing stones. And now we see at this magnificent holiday that time has turned around and it's time to collect the stones," said»Kislov.

He also thanked everyone who helped him in his work during his lifetime.

«Naturally, without my comrades, colleagues, coaches, I certainly could not have done all this. The prize that you decided to give me, it is, of course, part of those colleagues, those comrades, those people who accompanied me in life. That's your award, too,"»added Kislov.

Next, who was honored on the stage of Russian «Song that evening, was the»best organizer of the competition.

«The organizers get the heaviest bread at any regatta. Athletes will enjoy their races - that's for sure. The judges will receive the next category and a decent reward for their work. But the organizer is unknown to anyone,"»said Valery Pilchin, president of the Moscow Region FPSU, a member of the Presidium of the All-Union All-Union FPSU and master of sports of international class, before giving the winner's name.

Andrei Poltanov went on stage for the award. Created by him in 2002 regatta with transfer of crews on Rays Who«is who»« today» is the most massive and democratic such event in Russia. Every year the regatta is held in new regions of the country, popularizing sailing even where it is not enough or not developed at all.

Another real veteran of sailing, whose merits were noted by the jury of «Yachtsman of the year» was the winner in the nomination for «fidelity to sail - Rostislav»Alexandrovich Novoderezhkin. In 1957 he won the USSR championship in class M, in 1965 «»- in class Flying Dutchman«, in the same class»repeatedly won all-Union competitions and participated in international regattas in England, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, USA. In «Carter class 30 he won the «Onega Cup» 11 times, Aegean regatta three»times (with crossings Moscow - Piraeus and back), also won the Baltic Cup and «the Black» Sea«Cup.

Unfortunately, Rostislav, 80, could not attend the ceremony. Instead of him, his sons and grandson, who, by the way, also adore sailing, climbed to the stage. For example, in 2018 father and son Andrey and Dmitry Novoderezhkin participated in the world championship in the Flying Dutchman «class and took the» first place in their classification.

«It's about age, of course -»you might think of a winner. But it wasn't there!

This year he took part in the Flying «Dutchman regatta in Moscow and» won it, but he could not attend the ceremony because, according to his sons, business on the yacht did not allow «him to do so!

Next on the stage came the winners in the category Best «Long-distance Sports Hike.

«Can you imagine the nominees! One (Rusarc Aurora, ed.) is now somewhere in Antarctica, the other (Travely-Family of Four Klochkovs, ed.) with children in the Pacific Ocean. I'm not talking about «Akela» at all - they were nominated for this prize even when Elena and I were still in the process of being nominated for it. ed) received it in 2014 on their return from the circumnavigation of the world," said»Andrey Nevzorov, who came out on stage to announce the name of the winner.

The winners were in the hall. They were Akela's captain-tutor «»Alexey Chegurov and his faithful senior assistant Anastasia Podobed, under whose leadership cadets of the University of Maritime and River Navy named after Admiral S.O. Makarov train annually for many years. The crew regularly participates in European regattas and often takes prize-winning places.

Finally, it's time for the «Yachtsman of the Year», «Yachtswoman of the Year» and Sailing«Team of the Year awards.

The 10th anniversary award went to the «Russian Bogatyrs team»- Igor Rytov and Vyacheslav Martynov, who won the 600-mile Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2018 in the two-crew class. The entire team also won a bronze medal at the Melges 20 World Championship.

«For the second year in a row, Igor Rytov is the winner of the prize and cannot receive it due to the most respectful reason: he is again racing, far away, across the ocean. If Igor continues to be so successful, I'm afraid we'll have to reschedule the prize. Well, or place: where he'll race, the presenters»joke.

Bogatyrey«'s friend and comrade-in-arms Oleg»Gusev rose to the stage for the award.

«A team is not only a similarity and tactics, it is also something more, a subtle mental organization, subtle tinctures. In 2013, Igor was lucky to meet the guys: Kontantin (Besputin, ed.) and Anton (Sergeyev, ed.). And this year, this month, the team is celebrating its fifth anniversary, a mini-jubilee,"»said Gusev.

Yana Reznikova, a pupil of the «Coach of the Year,» Tatiana Zhuravleva, was recognized as the Yacht of the Year.

«I would like to thank the organizers of this award. It's a great motivation for me. And a great opportunity to change your wetsuit to something more elegant!» - a girl laughed when she came up on stage.

It's funny that her silhouette still resembled a light wetsuit with short sleeves and pants.

«Many thanks to my coach: "Coach of the Year" Tatiana Zhuravleva and Boris Minaev. And, of course, I want to say a huge thank you to my mom. Although there is no such nomination, but I think she deserves the title of "mother of the year."»Reznikova continued in earnest.

The last one on the stage was to climb the winner in the category Yachtsman «of the Year. The intrigue was added by the fact that two of the three nominees for the award were father and son: Vladimir and Daniel Krutskikh.

«Vova, give way to your son! Give way to the podium!» - were joking comrades Vladimir, while the organizers talked about the nominees.

But the jury of the award was not in agreement with them. Two-time Finn-Masters world champion Vladimir Krutskikh went out for the well-deserved award. In 2018 he won the first European championship in this class.

«I want to share this award with my son. I think he deserves it, too. Thanks to him, I have peaks that I haven't yet reached. I hope we reach them with him. Maybe we'll race together on the same yacht, maybe compete on different ones,"»said Krutskikh.

When all the heroes of the evening received their prizes, it was time for festive champagne, snacks, communication, and, of course, music. And all this was waiting for the award guests in the theater foyer. Orchestra, carcass!

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