Best Megayachts of the Year

Best Megayachts of the Year

20 World Superyacht Awards 2016 winners
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On 15th May, at a gala dinner in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, 20 owners of sailing and motor superyachts chose the main megayachts of the year. 20 beautiful boats received Neptune statuettes and international acclaim. ItBoat tells about all the winners of the World Superyacht Awards 2016.

Category: Navigator's Prize

Winner: Latitude

All three yachts that made it to the final of the Navigator's Award presented to the jury reports on their voyages equally admirable to the audience. However, the jury unanimously chose Latitude, a 45 metre mega yacht whose large cruise was characterized by the owner's involvement and enthusiasm. The yacht travelled almost 11,000 miles from Fort Lauderdale along the East Coast of the United States to the State of Maine, then through Newfoundland and Canada's Battle Harbour, crossed the Labrador Sea in Greenland and reached Alaska and the Pacific along the legendary Northwest Passage.

The owner of Latitude, Anil Thadani, confesses that he organized the trip because of his great love for polar bears.

During her cruise Tadani managed to meet 19 of these magnificent creatures. In addition, he was able to observe sheep, walruses and whales in the wild, admire the northern lights and avoid encountering an iceberg.

Category: Refits

Winner: Mirage

A secret ballot by the judges revealed the winner among the upgraded superyachts. They were the classic Feadship yacht, the 53m Mirage, formerly known as Elizabeth F. The last owner upgraded the boat in 2007, but the refit did not affect a number of areas that needed to be upgraded. The current owner of Mirage has decided to fix this as well as a number of technical problems.

The refit was carried out over three winters, which allowed the owner to use the yacht in summer.

Modernization was carried out at STP docks in Spanish Palma. All areas of the yacht were rebuilt or restored. A new gymnasium and spa pool have been added on board. The quality and volume of the work carried out have exceeded the owner's expectations and now Mirage is successfully used not only as a family vacation boat and crew boat for the time when the owner's sailboat is racing, but also as a charter yacht.

Category: rebuilt yachts

Winner: Malahne

Originally built by Camper & Nicholsons in 1937, this yacht suffered from poor fitting modifications during her refit in the 1980s.

Its new owner wanted Malahne restored as close to its original appearance as possible.

For 24 months, the Pendennis Shipyard crew had been witchcrafting the ship. They carried out a very detailed and highly professional restoration, bringing the yacht into compliance with LY2 standards. During the restoration, the external hull shell of Malahne was completely replaced by the original curved shape with rivets below the waterline. The yacht has been revitalized, combining modern comfort with a classic look.

Category: rebuilt yachtsSpecial
award for achievements

Winner: Kanaloa

Normally the award is not awarded for low-budget works, but in the case of Kanaloa, the jury made an exception. After purchase, the current owner of this 48-metre motor yacht... CRN In 1996, the shipyard found many serious defects that were not noticed during the pre-sale inspection. Their elimination at the shipyard resulted in such a significant amount that the owner thought about scrapping the boat.

The ship was saved from death by its captain. He offered to save 50% of the cost of the work by giving most of it to the crew and independent subcontractors. The owner agreed.

The structural and other work required to return the vessel to classification was completed within 14 months. During this time, more than 30% of the hull shell was replaced and the transmission was dismantled and rebuilt. The work included dismantling and replacement of most of the interior decoration. The rebuilds and repainting were completed on time: the yacht was fully ready for the Monaco Bowl Show 2015.

Category: sailing yachts 30-40 meters

Winner: Atalante

The old saying that «beauty is forever»captivating is fully confirmed when looking at the winner of this category, although the judges of course did not only take into account the appearance. The elegant lines and sparkling cladding of the 38.8 metre Atalante sailboat, built at the Dutch shipyard Claasen Shipyards by Andre Hoek Naval Architects, attract the eye.

In addition to her outstanding exterior, this yacht has a well-thought-out deck layout.

The steering wheel is located in the aft cockpit. It is adjacent to a navigation station with direct access to the owner's cabin.

In addition to the ease of operation, this layout has another advantage: during anchorage, the entire area becomes a private salon for the Owner. The yacht has excellent sailing characteristics and a well-thought-out engine room.

Category: sailing yachts 30-40 meters
Special prize for design and performance

Winner: Nikata

The second best yacht in this category was designed and built with parameters completely different from those of the winner, so the judges decided to award her with a special prize for design, to which she owes her stunning appearance and excellent performance.

Nikata is a 35 meter racing cruiser designed by German Design Bureau Judel/Vrolijk. Nauta Design is responsible for the style, the construction took place at Baltic Yachts shipyard.

Her sporty appearance is immediately noticeable, so it is no surprise that she showed an impressive 24.8 knots at her first crossover of the Atlantic and won the RORC Caribbean 600 in her class, finishing seventh in the overall ranking.

The 88-tonne yacht is built of multilayer, binder-impregnated carbon fibre reinforced plastic with Corecell foam cladding. She is equipped with high-speed winches and a system that makes it easy to select and tilt sails. She has a 200-bottle wine cellar, six refrigerators, two freezers and a premium audio system, while the transom is transformed into a swim platform.

Category: sailing yachts from 40mSailing
Superyacht of the Year

Winner: Unfurled

Only three yachts competed in this class and each one was the best in a certain aspect, so the judges faced a difficult choice. In the end, the winner was Unfurled, a 46-metre sailing yacht designed by the company. German Frèrs and built by the Vitters shipyard.

Unfurled is designed primarily as a cruising yacht, but can also be used successfully in racing. She is equipped with the latest technology. Extendable gondolas with a propulsion system are retracted into the hull while sailing, which significantly reduces frontal resistance. They are complemented by lightweight bow thrusters, also retractable. The two unfurled carbon fibre steering wheels are equipped with a Vitters patented feedback system.

Especially for Unfurled, the shipyard has developed its own system for storing and changing sails efficiently: they are stored on special drums below the tank deck.

Unfurled's technology has not only earned her a victory in her category, but also the title of Sailing Superyacht of the Year.

Category: sailing yachts from 40 meters and above
Special prize for design

Winner: Topaz

During the discussion of the contenders to win in the category of sailing superyachts from 40 meters, it became clear that Topaz, built in accordance with the rules of J-Class, stands out as the most elegant yacht not only in its category, but also in general among all the nominees of the award.

It is beautiful not only externally, but also internally: the interiors are created in Art Deco style and go back to the times when J-class was first introduced.

In addition, Topaz is a hybrid yacht that can be powered by the same electricity using an 80 kW battery or a 50 kW generator set.

On J-Class yachts a huge amount of energy is wasted on winch operations, especially during the race. On Topaz, a 250 kW hydraulic drive is used to power the winches: enough power to use all the equipment on board simultaneously.

Category: Semi-displacement double-deck motor yachts

Winner: Antheya III

There were many worthy nominees for large shipyards with good reputation in this category, so the vote was preceded by a heated discussion. The result was the 35.2m Antheya III, a new semi-displacement vessel from the British shipyard Princess, developed with the owner's assistance.

The judges particularly appreciated the design of the exterior of the Antheya III, which provides many outdoor areas for recreation, as well as its modern, yet timeless interior.

The judges praised the yacht's high quality build and the well thought-out technical and crew areas.

Category: Semi-displacement three-deck motor yachts 30-40 meters long.

Winner: Divine

Modern lines, light and quiet interior spaces and moderate energy consumption attracted the jury in the 40.1-meter aluminium Palumbo Divine.

One of the features of the yacht's design that delighted the judges is its hinged bulwarks that form side balconies with transparent glass sides.

Opposite the balconies are floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, creating a link between the interior and the environment. The yacht is equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which allows to save fuel and move quietly on one electricity at a speed of 8 knots. When the Divine is powered by diesel, electric motors are used as generators.

Category: Semi-displacement three-deck motor yachts 40-50 meters long.

Winner: Serenity

42.3 m Serenity Shipyard Mondomarine is distinguished by its quality assembly and modern but nevertheless harmonious appearance, which perfectly matches its interior. The interior layout of the yacht meets the owner's requirement for privacy.

The upper deck is fully dedicated to the owner's needs and has access to the forward section of the main deck where the owner's bathroom is located.

Despite her relatively modest size, she has four spacious cabins on the lower deck and a large salon with balconies on either side of the main deck. Crew cabins are also on the lower deck. The crew dining room is adjacent to the galley.

Category: Displacement motor yachts below 500 GT with lengths of 30-41 meters.

Winner: Solis

The interest of judges in this category was immediately attracted by the yard's 34-meter yacht Solis. Mulder with its original and attractive appearance. Jury members who visited the yacht noted the quality of her assembly.

Solis is a true «pocket-sized» superyacht, offering a high level of comfort and amenities on board.

The largest yacht in Mulder's history, Solis is a transatlantic range boat, offering plenty of air and natural light in the interior thanks to the large glazing area.

Category: displacement yachts below 500 GT with lengths of 30-41 meters
Special prize for interior design

Winner: Rüya

Usually the jury does not award a separate prize for interior design, as this is a rather subjective factor depending on the taste of the owner, but in the case of Rüya, the judges have decided to change traditions.

The jury was delighted with the interiors created by Sam Sorgiovanni, in which the designer masterfully used the rich tones of Australian countryside and other authentic Australian finishing materials and textures.

Colour, textures and wood species are in harmony with the architecturally pure forms used by Sam Sorgiovanni and perfectly complement the open and bright atmosphere of the yacht.

Category: displacement yachts below 500GT 42-46.9 meters in length
Special prize for technology and innovation

Winner: Genesi

The 46-metre Genesi from Wider won her prize thanks to a unique beach club design and a revolutionary propulsion system. Many yachts prior to her were equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system in which diesel generators feed azipods, but the benefits of this system have never been fully realized by moving her to underutilized areas of the yacht.

At Genesi this idea has been put into practice and thus the valuable space on the midships, traditionally given to the engine room, has been freed up for use by guests and the owner.

With the engines off, and with 544kWh Li-Po batteries alone, Genesi can go 6 hours at 5 knots, or switch to «silent ship» mode for an eight hour night stop.

As for the Beach Club, it is the first time on yachts of this size that it has been equipped with a tender harbor, turning the pool into a garage.

Category: Displacement Motor Yachts below 500 GT 42-26.9m
Special Design Award

Winner: Moka

Many modern yachts receive expedition status only because of the commercial appearance and location of the tender area, but few really meet the requirements for this type of vessel in terms of navigability, range and autonomy.

The judges found that the Sanlorenzo 460Exp «MOKA» is an exception to this rule, combining all the above qualities with an impressive interior volume and a layout that provides a more than comfortable environment for the owner and his guests, while significantly reducing the
(RINA Green Plus Gold designation)

Sanlorenzo has created a yacht that perfectly matches the owner's long-term cruising plans, can accommodate a large number of water toys and provides a high level of comfort. Among the special amenities on board is an artificial current pool.

Category: Displacement Motor Yachts below 500 GT over 47 meters long

Winner: Sibelle

Although the finalists in this category are about the same size (with a few meters difference), their composition is perhaps one of the most colourful in the award, as all these boats are built with completely different materials. There are all steel vessels and boats built entirely of steel and aluminium, steel and wood, GRP boats and yachts built entirely of aluminium.

Despite this diversity, the judges quickly agreed on the winner: the 49.9m Sibelle from Heesen, with the avant-garde exterior from Omega Architects.

Her hull type Fast Displacement, designed by naval architects Van Oossanen, provides good fuel economy as well as higher maximum speed than a yacht of the same size with a traditional hull type.

A pair of nose splash deflectors solves the problem of splashing present on yachts with a vertical stem. These facts, combined with the high quality of construction and the correct layout, make Sibelle worthy of the victory.

Category: displacement motor yachts from 500 GT to 1299 GT.

Winner: 11.11

Each yacht nominated in this class received at least one of the highest marks from one of the judges, so it was difficult to decide who was worthy of a Neptune statue.

The winner by secret ballot was the yacht 11.11. Its unusual name hides the owner's child's birth date.

11.11 was conceived as a family yacht. Although the owner bought it at a late stage of construction, he was able to bring his own personality to the project thanks to the flexibility and cooperation of the shipyard builder, Benetti.

The eight judges were able to visit the boat on 11.11 and they unanimously declared it to be the best yacht ever built by an Italian shipyard. It is distinguished by its elegant, modern appearance and glamorous interior in Art Deco style. The yacht boasts a high level of comfort for the owner and his guests, a well-appointed crew area and excellent engine room.

Best Motor Yacht of the YearCategory
: Displacement Motor Yachts from 1300 GT to 1299 G

Winner: Savannah

Six great yachts competed in this category, but it was clear from the start that one of them stood out from the crowd: the 83.5m Feadship Savannah. The jury almost unanimously awarded the victory to this yacht.

The judge was won over by the elegance and harmony of its external lines, but the fundamental criterion of the choice was its revolutionary hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which can reduce fuel consumption by 30%.

A single Savannah diesel engine spins its larger than usual propeller, while three generator sets feed an azimuth thruster located at the rear of the propeller. In normal driving mode, the bow thruster is facing forward and turning in the opposite direction to the screw facing back. When manoeuvring, it can be rotated to provide the necessary traction in any direction.

The position of the open and closed areas of the yacht, as well as the way in which all external and internal spaces are connected to each other, have also delighted the jury.

Thanks to her elegant appearance, the quality of her design and construction and her unique power unit, Savannah has also won the Motor Yacht of the Year title.

Category: displacement motor yachts from 1300 GT and above.

Winner: Symphony

In this category, which includes the largest yachts nominated for the World Superyacht Awards, there were only two finalists. A detailed discussion of the merits of the contenders revealed the winner. They were the 101.5 metre Feadship Symphony. The jury noted her stunning looks, layout, build quality and attention to detail. The builder had to deal with a number of difficult issues related to owner requirements and the rules of the updated Passenger Yacht Code (PYC), which was successfully completed.

Best value for money prize

Winner: Nashwan

The 37.3-meter Majesty 122 «Nashwan»built Gulf Craft in the UAE, was the best yacht in terms of value for money. For $9.5 million the owner received the ideal yacht for cruising the Mediterranean Sea with a high level of comfort on board, equipped with a tender garage and a spacious crew area.

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