Richard Branson saved Ben Ainsley

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Sir Ben Ainslie and his wife Georgie Thompson were rescued from a yacht. The newlyweds were honeymooning on a sailboat when the mainsail furling system broke. The malfunction forced the four-time Olympic champion to send a signal for help.

As the yacht's path lay close to an island owned by Sir Richard Branson, people working for the tycoon came to the athlete's aid. The jammed mainsail had to be cut off for the yacht not to be swept away to the reefs.

About the incident became known from the lips of the businessman himself: he dedicated a post in his blog to the rescue of the legendary Ben Ainslie. The post also says that neither the yachtsman nor his wife were hurt. After the evacuation from the yacht they spent several days visiting the rescuer.

By the way, this is not the first time Ben and Richard have met. They were in the same boat when in 2008 Branson tried to set a record for crossing the Atlantic, which ended in failure.

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