To equal the legend

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A mandatory part of the preparations for the Barcelona World Race, which starts on 31 December, is the skippers' photo shoot aboard their IMOCA 60 Class yachts. The Neutrogena team approached the task creatively: Guillermo Altandill and JoséMunoz decided to repeat Alex Thompson 's legendary keel walk. The stunt was clearly not quite up to the level of the British sailor, as the Neutrogena skippers pulled it during a stability test, when the boat is intentionally put on its side to see if it would hold in the water if it capsized. Thompson, it will be recalled, walked on the keel of his IMOCA 60 HUGO BOSS inthe field: the boat was cruising at 9 knots in 17 to 19 knots of wind and a wave of up to 1.25 meters, when the crew had to hold her at an angle of 45 to 70° for 60 seconds.

The Barcelona World Race is the only non-stop circumnavigation of the globe involving crews of two people.

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