The deep-sea dragon

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Small and lightweight, Deepflight's new Dragon personal submarine has a place even in a superyacht where there is no dedicated storage compartment for toys. She measures 5m wide and 1.1m long and weighs in at a mere 1,800kg."The Dragon, however, can hardly be called a toy: This mixture of a drone, racing car and a $1.5 million submarine has four vertical and two horizontal thrusters, due to which it can plunge down toDepths of up to 120 meters and hangs in one place and looks as if it has stepped off the screen of a new James Bond picture. The manufacturer promises that anyone can explore the depths of the sea on Deepflight Dragon without extensive training - controls are so intuitive. Deepflight's sixth-generation submersibles will be available for live viewing at the Monaco Boat Show, September 23-26.

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