Mermaids beckoned

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«Ruba, we have algae problems on the bottom of the rudder! » - stated Italian Caipirinha JR's tacticianGabriele Benussi during the last race of the next round of the International Melges 20 Miami Winter Series.

Francesco Rubagotti, aka Ruba, was eager to follow his teammate's instructions.«But he briefly had to switch from yachtsman to diver». That's when the photographers caught him.

« The question is what slows down more - immersing your body in the water for a while or a bit of grass during the whole race», - the fans in social networks reflect, looking at the photo.

As a result in this race the crew finished in 14th place (out of 17).

The third round of the Miami Winter Series was held March 15-17. During these days six races were held. According to preliminary results, the winners of competitions, as well as in the second round, again became the Russians. Vladimir Prosikhin's team «Nick» took 13 points. Second place with a difference of four points went to «Russian Bogatyrs» by Igor Rytov. The Italians from Caipirinha JR took fifth place.

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