A warm welcome

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Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg, 16, who set off on 14 August on her IMOCA 60 racing sailboat from England tothe USA, arrived in New Yorkon 28 August.

Seventeen sailboats have come out to greet her on behalf of the United Nations headquarters in New York City to Upper Bay, where the Statue of Libertystandson Liberty Island. Each one symbolizes one of the UN's 2016-2030 sustainable development priority goals.

Greta's lens captured seven of them: 12 - «Responsible Consumption and Production», 8 - «Decent Work and Economic Growth», 10 - «Reducing Inequality», 13 - «Fighting», 2 - «A world without hunger», 15 - «Preserving terrestrial ecosystems» and 17 - «Partnership for Sustainable Development».

On Friday, August 30, she plans to take part in another international action «Fridays for future» in front of the UN building - a movement she initiated a year ago by starting «School strikes» in front of the Swedish Parliament.

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