Builder Grand Banks

US, Seattle

Grand Banks Yachts Ltd

2288 W Commodore Way 200, Seattle, 98199

Model range

The brand Grand Banks produces lobster Boats and Gozzo Boats and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 5 models from 14 to 27 meters.


Company history

The history of Grand Banks began in 1956. At that time Robert Newton and his sons owned a Bireley soft drink bottling plant in Hong Kong and was far from the shipbuilding industry. There were many woodworking facilities in the vicinity and there was an empty plot with access to the sea opposite the factory. Newton came to the conclusion that the site was ideal for shipbuilding and opened an American Marine shipyard there. With no experience in boat design, the company initially built custom wooden boats for famous studios such as Sparkman & Stephens, William Garden, Nat Herreshoff and Ray Hunt.

In 1962, the shipyard turned to Ken Smith to build a 36-foot diesel workhorse. The result was so striking to the Newtons that they decided to move to mass production under the new Grand Banks brand.


Nowadays the company no longer builds wooden boats, but reoriented to modern glass fibreglass and successfully continues its work.

Production .

The company's facilities are located in Malaysia on the coast of the Strait of Johora. The shipyard has modern production halls equipped with the latest shipbuilding technologies. Grand Banks also has an extensive service network in Europe, Asia and America.

Model range

The shipyard's lineup includes the famous Eastbay lobster boats launched in 1993, expedition boats, displacement boats, flybridge models and more. The company mainly builds yachts from 14.5 to 20 meters in length.

Features .

Grand Banks boats are more expensive than competitors, but are famous for their high quality and unbeatability, in this century of «disposable» boats they serve longer than anyone else. Also, the first Heritage series has been so successful that it was recognized as a classic and many competitors have adopted its design, while the shipyard still adheres to the style established at the time.

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