Best video clips of August

Best video clips of August

Flying anchor, Ben Ainsley's icy Challenge, a spicy couple of yachtsmen from Italy, a magical hill and much more.
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August began with an entertaining video from the Perini Navi shipyard, which captures the process of installing the mast on the sailboat Perseus^3. The mast height is 75.8 meters and weighs 16.4 tons. It is one of the three highest masts in the world. The largest crane in Philadelphia was part of the installation process.

On August 4th, barque «Cruzenshtern» sank a tugboat with the saying name Diver Master as it left the marina of the Danish island of Fano. The sailors of the big sailing ship filmed what happened.

Who is to blame for the incident is a controversial question, but «Kruzenshtern» has already felt the consequences: England has forbidden him to participate in the Falmouth Tall Ships during the trial.

Perhaps if the main protagonists from the previous video had talented teachers such as Peter DiLalla from Maine, the accident could have been prevented. To facilitate the learning of the yachting skills of his men, Dialla wrote and performed a rap in which he masterfully rhymed the basic yachting terms.

For the fans of sailing, we have saved one and a half hours of live broadcast of the final 5th stage of the Extreme Sailing Series, where the crews of Extreme 40 cataramans show persistent and beautiful struggle for medals.

Some of the Extreme Sailing Series members lacked the coolness of the Bristol Channel and decided to refresh themselves. Right there in Cardiff, three of the New Zealand team's yachtsmen bravely poured ice water into their wetsuits.

They were joined by Sir Ben Ainsley of J.P. Morgan BAR.

This was how the yachtsmen participated in the main flash mob of the month - Ice Bucket Challenge. As part of the flash mob, the stars pour ice water on themselves and put out a video to draw attention to the study of incurable disease - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

There's a couple here who could use a little chilling, too. They're the protagonists of our next video, shot in Italy by the beach of San Terenzo. The sailboat's anchor couldn't withstand the force of the waves and the boat went on a dangerous drift. To save the boat, two lifeguards came to it. But at the last moment a completely naked couple ran out of the lower deck: under the rapturous applause of the spectators he started the engine, and she hurried to pull out the anchor. How could these two not notice that the anchor was no longer holding the boat? What can you say, Italians are a passionate nation!

Perhaps a couple from the previous story would have benefited from that.

The video is old, but it suddenly takes a second breath. Advertisement flying anchor Flook 1989 was dug by a user of the popular blog The invention of Dulhunty Anchors, first shown 25 years ago on the Sydney International Bot Show and still in production today, triggered a lively discussion. Some believe that a flying anchor that plans to go down and bury itself in the sand at some distance from the boat is a brilliant invention, especially as a stern anchor, while others call it stupid and useless.

Another archival video that came up in August is the Hook&Moor, a Swedish lug for light mooring patented by Roboship. It simultaneously pulls the mooring end through the mooring fish and brings it back.

And from the fresh water bike video we have from Schiller Sport. They promise they'll be on sale soon.

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