Best video clips of October

Best video clips of October

In October, we learned what happens when you cross a motor with a shovel and a canoe with a lawn mower...
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October was rich in fashionable yacht advertising. At the beginning of the month St. Petersburg manufacturers of mineral water Saint-P Apparel posted a promo with the participation of yachtsmen Nikolay Chernikov and Artem Basalkin, in which they go on a boat of class 49er in the Gulf of Finland, periodically attached to the bottle. A bottle of minerals, of course.

Towards the end of October, a stylish black and white advertisement pleased the producers of the catamaran... Flying Phantom.. In addition to the watercraft itself, the roller shows Claire Liz Velter, silver medalist at the European Aqua Ski Championships 2011, who was taken on a catamaran boat. Goldfish. Naturally, the case did not do without a demonstration of sports talents blonde and her no less athletic figure.

From the category of stylish and black and white - an inspiring video from Waterlust, which assembled beautiful footage of October 11 in Alicante. Volvo Ocean Race. According to the idea of the creators, the video clip should remind about the immensity of the oceans, and what it means - to be a discoverer in today's world, where at first glance there are no unexplored corners.

By the way, for lovers of sailing there is an hour record of the first coastal race, which took place on October 4 in the water area of Alicante.

And the day before another important race took place in Nice: catamarans Extreme 40 competed in the last, seventh stage of the Extreme Sailing Series. On YouTube you can see the record of the final race of this stage, the winner of which was the Swiss team Alinghi.

Meanwhile, Newport launched the winner of the future single-hulled competition, the 100-foot carbon monster Comache. At least the owner of the boat - Texas billionaire Jim Clarke - hopes for it. To evaluate the champion in action, watch the video from the first test race.

What the hell do they know, these Texas billionaires! Those simple Thais know a lot about speedboats. And here's a video proof.

In Russia, too, they are maimed by self-propal - but with national features. Burevestnik» Yacht «Club knows: if you cross a Russian man, a shovel and a boat, you get an atomic icebreaker.

That's all we have. Wait for the next yacht video review in early December. And don't forget to prepare your boats for winter in time!

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