One year of Black Pearl's life

One year of Black Pearl's life

The team of one of the world's largest sailing ships tells about their lives.
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Oceanco Black Pearl is one of the largest sailing yachts and also one of the most expensive superyachts in the world. The vessel, registered under the flag of the Cayman Islands, is owned by Russian businessman Oleg Burlakov.

Black Pearl was launched in 2016. It was designed by Nuvolari Lenard Studios. She was in charge of naval architecture...Dykstra Naval Architects.The yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests. The main pride of the sailing boat is the 70-meter turning masts DynaRig. The sails themselves, with a total area of 2900 square meters, are equipped with flexible solar panels. In addition to the sun, the sailboat also supplies electricity to its own motion: the energy it receives from the screws that rotate due to the raging flow of water. The battery capacity is sufficient for ten hours of autonomous operation of life support, navigation and air conditioning systems.

Not many people managed to be on board the sailboat.

Some of the lucky ones are the Black Pearl crew. It consists of 18 people who are accommodated in nine cabins. Here are some of the crew members of the megayacht:

And thanks to these people leading the Instagram page of the boat,«ordinary mortals»can also take a single look at the boat from the inside. Of course, within reason: the holy of holies - the guest area and the cabins - do not get into Instagram pictures. But you can see how the crew lives, for example, the Black Pearl cabin, or more precisely its dining area, looks like:

And sometimes the most interesting thing in crew's life happens outside of Black Pearl. For example, in early December 2018, the crew took part in a 10 km race in Spain.

Black Pearl crew to become a boat: the team takes care of the environment and participates in environmental actions. For example, it cleans the beach from garbage.

Despite the abundance of automatics on Black Pearl, sometimes a man still has to climb her masts.

The luxury available to all yachtsmen is luxurious sunsets and sunrises at sea.

Last Christmas and then New Year's Eve were celebrated together on board. And now it's time to start getting ready for the next one!

The sailboat itself has become a huge tree.

In fact, Black Pearl masts can be literally anything. It all depends on the point of view. At some angles, they even weave like a spiral of DNA.

The crew of the sailboat loves music with all their soul.

Captain Chris and his hat could not hide from the camera.

Instagram gets only the smallest bit of information about Black Pearl. But it is more than compensated by documentary films that shoot about the innovative sailboat. In February 2019, the ship became the hero of one of the episodes of 4 seasons of the television series Impossible Engineering.

Trainings, trainings, coaching. It is unlikely that in normal situation sails on Black Pearl will need to be rolled manually or even removed, but the crew must be able to do it in case of emergency.

But there is an extra reason to climb the top of the mast and admire the views from a height of 70 meters.

Despite the fact that the ship was launched in 2016, it is still receiving awards. This year's Black Pearl was named Sailor of the Year by the World Superyachts Awards and Best Sailing Sailor over 60 metres.

The statuettes had a photo shoot right on deck.

And again about ecology. Since June 2019, Black Pearl has been a member of the Clear Ocean Pact, a treaty designed to reduce the amount of disposable plastic that enters the ocean from boats.

The water on board is being reused to its maximum. To clean the deck, the crew takes treated sewage. In the photo below, the crew poses just after these works.

It's not easy for people to get aboard the Black Pearl. But the birds are different. This baby was waiting for a 5-star service!

Training to get the boat down quickly is probably more important than sailing. The Black Pearl crew can do it in less than 5 minutes.

The sailboat is regularly inspected. And underwater propellers are no exception.

Are you already dizzy looking at how José's register works? We are!

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