Azimut will purify the air on its yachts using space technology

Azimut will purify the air on its yachts using space technology

The new yachts of the Italian shipyard Azimut will be equipped with a ventilation and air purification system developed by NASA technologies.
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Such a ventilation system is used in space missions.

The MMVS system (Marine Mechanical Ventilation System) was developed by BCool Engineering, Italy. It is based on PCO™ photocatalytic oxidation technology, which simulates and reproduces the process taking place in nature. One example of photocatalytic oxidation in nature is photosynthesis. At photosynthesis under the influence of sunlight there is an excitation of chlorophyll and oxidation of water, as a result of which oxygen is formed.

In MMVS system the role of the sun is played by an ultraviolet lamp. UV rays pass through a catalyst, resulting in hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide, which decompose bacteria and impurities that pollute the atmosphere. At the outlet, carbon dioxide and oxygen are produced.

The innovative ventilation system allows replacing all air in the room within an hour, creating the effect of open windows without losing the advantages of air conditioning.

As a result, the cabins are always fresh, purified and cooled air.

The big advantage of the new ventilation system is that it works autonomously - you do not have to spend onboard electricity and fuel.

The first yacht to receive the innovative ventilation system will be the Azimut Magellano 25 Metri, which will premiere in September at the Cannes exhibition.

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