The best yachts from 19.5 to 24 meters in length
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The best yachts from 19.5 to 24 meters in length

Continuing the story of yachts on the short list of World Yachts Trophies 2020.
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The exhibition in Cannes in 2020 could not be held because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the cancellation of the event did not affect the annual World Yachts Trophies Award, which is traditionally presented during the Cannes Yachting Festival. The finalists of the 19th award were 69 boats from 13 to 140 metres in length which were launched in a year.

We have already told you about 12 boats from 13 to 20 meters long and in this article we offer you 9 boats that made it to the final in nominations for yachts from 19.5 to 24 meters long.

The best exterior.

Lexus LY 650

The elegant and vivid design of this 19.94 metre model is based on the Lexus Sport Yacht concept, which the company developed with the Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard back in 2017. Flybridge cruiser LY 650 launched by Marquis Yachts was the first experience of this idea.

The boat hull is made of two types of plastic, one reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP) and the other with glass fiber (GFRP). Thanks to this, the case (by the way, one of the widest in its class, 5.76 meters) is lightweight and simultaneously very rigid. The speakers of Volvo Penta IPS allow to accelerate the yacht with a displacement of 33.3 tons to 31.4 knots. Specialists note the stability and maneuverability of the model.

Palm Beach GT60

It is one of the fastest cruisers of its kind. The 19.5-metre-hardtop boat with a displacement of 21.5 tonnes, thanks to the Volvo Penta IPS speakers, is capable of speeds up to 35 knots without having to go through the planing process. GT60 cuts waves smoothly and consumes fuel as efficiently as possible.

The designers have taken into account the speed characteristics of the model and made it possible for both the helm and the rest of the guests to enjoy the swift ride. Electrically operated windows and an opening skylight in the roof allow you to feel the wind without leaving the cabin.

Pershing 7X (winner)

This model is 1.7 meters longer with a sandwich, but 0.4 meters longer is already LY 650. Due to the use of 7X carbon fibre for the 21.11-meter hull, the displacement of the yachts is also comparable. Pershing has only 35 tons, 3.6 tons more than Lexus.

However, the MAN V13 engine makes the 7X stand out from the competition. 42 knots - cruise speed of the model. At a maximum it can accelerate and at all to 50 knots. It is not without reason that the boat was given a sports design of the exterior.

It is also distinguished from other Pershing models by a new hull and superstructure colour. Unlike the Lexus Americans, who wanted to make the LY 650 as bright as possible with two-colour paint and metal accents, the Pershing Italians preferred elegance and laconicism.

Better layout

MCY 70 Skylounge

The main feature of this 21.08 meter model with the design by Nuvolari Lenard is, of course, a spacious closed flybridge. Unlike other flybridge models, the control post on the MCY 70 SKylounge is the only one and it is just at the top level of the yacht. Behind him is a bright saloon where guests can enjoy the views through panoramic glazing without being afraid of the whims of the weather. In good weather, a light window can be opened in the roof of the superstructure. A little more space at the stern of the flybridge has been left for the open-air terrace.

Due to the fact that the control post is removed from the main deck, there is a lot of free space in the salon at this level. It is occupied by a large galley, which, contrary to usual practice, is located at the bow rather than the stern side of the cockpit. At the same time, the galley and dining room area is placed on a small podium, which allows you to further designate the zoning of the cabin and separate this part of the room from the living room.

On the forward main deck, guests will find two almost semi-circular sun loungers separated by a central aisle that can also be transformed into sofas. This is the main outdoor seating area on board.

On the lower deck there are four double bedrooms with separate bathrooms: a master suite (with private entrance) on the midships, a VIP on the bow and 2 more cabins in between. Also on board is a crew cabin.

Prestige X70 (winner)

The layout features of this 21.83 meter model are related to the open bow deck, which can be used for sunbathing or sports activities. Guests can only access it from the flybridge. The control post on the main deck saloon is raised and the forward deck, which is on a level with the main deck, is between the main deck and the flybridge. This approach allows a slight increase in the height of the ceilings in the master suite, which is located just below the forward deck.

In addition to the owner's bedroom on the lower deck of the X70 there are 2 VIP or VIP cabins, one double guest cabin and one spacious single cabin. In addition, there is a double crew cabin aft below the cockpit.

Sunseeker Manhattan 68

Of the three nominees, the 21.1-metre Manhattan 68 has the narrowest hull - 5.26 meters, even though the boat differs from the competitors by a maximum of 19 cm. In the case of this yacht it is more difficult to distinguish one bright feature of the layout. Rather, it is a matter of generally competent design, which makes passengers feel as if they are on a larger yacht.

The main deck of the yacht is ideal for welcoming guests. With the galley, dining area and lounge on a small podium behind the control station, everything is designed so that people can easily move between areas. The cockpit easily becomes an extension of the salon, thanks to the sliding doors.

Guests who wish to sunbathe can choose between a sunbed or sun loungers on the flybridge. And the facilities of the Stern Beach Club have long been well known to Sunseeker connoisseurs of other shipyard models. In creating the Manhattan 68, the company has not changed itself.

On the lower deck there are four double bedrooms: a midships master suite with its own entrance, a VIP on the bow and two more guest cabins between them. Beneath the cockpit there is a double crew cabin, which is smaller than the one on the Prestige X70.

The best innovation.

Absolute Navetta 64 (winner)

The main innovation on Navetta 64 is the aft VIP cabin under the cockpit. Its rear wall (and entrance) is a solid glass surface. So whoever lives in this bedroom can enjoy the superb sea view that even the forward master stateroom cannot offer. And the latter is ready to boast of new enlarged windows, the installation of which required the development of new technologies from Absolute specialists.

The glass door at the stern leading into the living room must be not just waterproof, but airtight. The shipyard has taken this into account and now the door frame is part of a special pneumatic system which improves the waterproofing at the push of a button.

Greenline Oceanclass 68 Hybrid

This 20.8 meter model has become the new flagship of its shipyard. It is also the largest production hybrid yacht in the world. It is powered not only by a pair of Cummins 850 HP diesel engines each, but also by a pair of 60 kW electric motors. Using only electricity, it can accelerate up to 7 knots. Batteries will allow it to travel up to 40 nautical miles in silent mode without harmful emissions to water and air. Batteries can be doubled if desired by the owner.

On diesel, the boat can accelerate up to 30 knots. At 7 knots, it can travel up to 1800 nautical miles without refueling.

The model is also available in a version with only electric motors on board.

MCY 76 Skylounge

As with the MCY 70 Skylounge, the control post on this 23.06-meter model is placed on a closed flybridge. So the galley on the MCY 76, just like the MCY 70 Skylounge, occupies considerable space in the forward section of the main deck saloon. But due to the fact that the MCY 76 is not only 2 meters longer, but also 35 cm wider than its smaller sister, it is possible to place the galley on the older model not traditionally along the board, but along almost the entire bow wall of the saloon. A little space on the starboard side is left only for the stairs to the lower deck. Now not only the helmsman can look forward as he moves, but also someone who will be busy cooking.

The alternative layout presupposes a more familiar galley oriented along the stern side of the saloon. In this case, the forward part of the cabin is occupied by a large U-shaped sofa on the podium, complemented by two tables. Sitting guests, however, will face the motion of the boat, so the large windscreen will only add natural light to the cabin, but admiring the views through it will be inconvenient.

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