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Oundle, PE84HN

Model range

The brand Fairline produces enclosed Yachts and flybridge Yachts. There are 15 models from 9 to 21 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: F-Line, Squadron and Targa.


Company history

The company Fairline Boats was founded in 1967 in English Ondle and started its activity with the production of small fiberglass boats. In the 70-80s she won popularity thanks to release of bright models from Phantom and Targa series.

Famous individuals and members of the royal family began to appear among the shipyard's clients.

In the 1990s, the now very popular Squadron flybridge series appeared.

Since 2007, the company has been in financial difficulties, which led to bankruptcy in 2015. Fortunately, two businessmen of Russian origin, Alexander Volov and Igor Glyanenko, bought out her assets and on this basis created Fairline Yachts. Strong managers took the helm, changed their development strategy and managed to take Fairline out of the crisis and put it on its feet.

In 2016 the company attracted a talented Italian designer Alberto Mancini and the famous Dutch design bureau Vripack. Mancini became the face of the company, combining the traditions of a British shipyard with the elegance of Italian design. The first yacht from this designer was the 20m Targa 63 GTO, presented for the company's 50th anniversary in 2017.

Status .

It works.

Production .

The headquarters and main site of Fairline Yachts are in Ondla. The remoteness of the workshops from water and the need for overland transport imposed restrictions on the size of the vessels produced (up to 24 m). Therefore, in 2017, a site with access to the sea in Hight, Southampton, was purchased for the construction of larger boats there.

In recent years the company has done a lot of work to standardize boats. This means that a large number of different models (up to 7) have been built on one assembly line, switching easily and quickly after completion of one to another.

Now it takes less than a month on average to assemble a single boat, which is a record for the yard.

Model range

Fairline produces custom composite motor yachts from three families. Targa boats, high-speed hardtop cruisers with semi-closed and closed saloon, are represented by models of 13-20 m length. Flybridge yachts are available in the Squadron series (hull length 15.5-21 m). The range .F-Linewas launched by the company in 2017 and is the open designer 10m F-Line 33 with a stunning design from Mancini.

Features .

Fairline is the flagship of the British yachting industry, known for its ability to set new trends and standards. Today, the trend is to listen carefully to the needs and opinions of customers, which guarantees the emergence of balanced products that claim to be part of the gold fund«of the world's yachting» industry.

Discontinued models



Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Fairline shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

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