How to turn an inexpensive boat into a pretty boy to become a Chris-Sraft.
Yachting in Russia

How to turn an inexpensive boat into a pretty boy to become a Chris-Sraft.

How much does it cost to build a stylish multifunctional boat in Russia?
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When it comes to yachts, you can immediately imagine a picture «expensive, rich and only for the chosen»ones. Of course, a boat is a luxury, a cheap pleasure to maintain and requires constant investment. However, for a sane sum you can collect a stylish, multifunctional boat.

If you don't dare to use Riva or Chris Craft at once, you can take a more economical variant and improve it well.

In our case the choice fell on Monterey 224 FSC. The new boat costs about 6 million rubles, but you can find a good copy on the secondary market. Our new friend of the 2012 release (in operation - from 2014) with a run of 74 motor-hours and in perfect condition cost us 2.2 million rubles. Originally it cost 3.4 million, but in August, having traded thoroughly, you can get a good discount.

Boat size

This baby is first of all good in that its dimensions allow towing by the majority of modern cars of category SUV without special support and permissions. It is better to get a driver's license of category E to C, thus removing the 3.5 ton limit for the weight of the road train, which is set for category B.

The possibility of independent towing means, for example, that on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg you will not have to spend seven days on the water with sluices, which will depress even the most experienced traveler, or to pay for the cost of ferry with the captain.

Instead, starting in the morning from the yacht club, you «will stick» together in eight hours on Krestovsky Island, and cold sparkling with a view of the divorced bridges you will be provided on the same day at minimum cost.

And for all roads to be accessible, including narrow canals with low bridges, it's better to take a boat without a hardtop (radar arch).

Despite the modest size of the Monterey 224, six adults, including the captain, plus two or three children will feel quite comfortable on board. Its layout, with a rounded sofa at the rear, allows for the gathering of all present at the same table and provides extra safety for curious little passengers.

It seems to be a small pleasure boat, but if you wish it can be equipped with all the privileges of a full boat. If you live in Miami, where the sun shines 360 days a year, then of course you can safely take a bowrider. And for our latitudes, a small but closed cabin is a more than justified choice.

Habitat pumping

When you decide on a model, you want to maximize the new friend with all possible options.

For starters, you can put a lavatory in there. Yes, it's not a full-fledged comfortable drain stationary cabin, but just a biomall, clearly standing up if you lift the two central cushions. The construction does not take too much space, foreign smells do not spread, and even a small child, having closed himself in the cabin, will cope with all manipulations. Adults, if necessary, with the task too, of course, will cope. Closed cushioned toilet is completely invisible: the cabin turns into a place for children to play, rest adults, and if you want - in a full double nest at night.

The boat does not have a fridge, but an ordinary 34-litre car will quietly stand in the locker room under the central pillow and still leave room for dishes and perishable food.

For those who like to cook and eat delicious food, the compact and versatile Weber Q 1200 gas grill can be placed in the left hand corner.

Cooking can be done by placing the unit on the rear platform, or by placing it on the forward deck behind the glass. Delicious meat and fish steaks are provided for you without leaving the bay. In winter it also fits perfectly in the kitchen, providing delicious dinners while you wait for the season.

If the soul requires not only emotions from speed, rest and sunbathing, but also simple aesthetic pleasure, then you can not do without teak. It's a really expensive pleasure that has no functional benefits, and what's more, it's also a source of additional cleaning hassle, but how nice it is to walk on warm wood and contemplate the finishes that make the most of ordinary plastic!

Monterey may not turn into the legendary Chris-Craft, but in company with it or Riva will look worthy in TWO DIFFERENT.

Beautiful lovers can also replace the table with a larger wooden one, with marked holders for glasses and bottles.

The Monterey 224 in the base is equipped with a bimini top, a parking awning and a full running gear. Large, square, absurd, with small windows, it turns a fast boat into a shapeless boat. Fortunately, in the expanses of our homeland there are always masters of their craft. For the Monterey 224, we have custom-made a low (1.85 meters), maximum glazing, perfect for the size of a hidden awning that continues the rapid lines of the boat and pleasing to the eye.

For heat, of course, the engine cooling system had to be slightly upgraded by installing a Volvo Penta heater.

As a result, thanks to the webasto and the heat from the engine, when the berth is already covered with the first crust of ice overnight, the boat can still be cut in a T-shirt.

There is a charming walk on the water in autumn, when you meet only rare fishermen and lonely barges, ducks relax and until the last one does not take off on a walking boat, and the water from the cold becomes as strong as butter.

Upgrading the running gear

Originally, the Monterey 224 FSC was equipped with a Volvo Penta V8 5.0 GXI, 270 hp engine with a single-circuit cooling system and SX tilting column. But you always want to achieve perfection. And to achieve better handling, maneuverability and lower fuel consumption, we decided to install the revolutionary Forward Drive loudspeaker, first introduced in 2015, as the only boat in Russia that is optionally fitted with a Volvo Penta Forward Drive. Installation, testing and measurements were carried out by professionals from KLM-Service.

Pulling is always easier than pushing - that's what makes it so special. The Volvo FWD does not push the boat through water streams, it pulls it. At the same time, the propeller force is applied to calm water, which adds even more traction. The benefits are higher speed, dynamics, manoeuvrability and economy.

For the twin-screw forward column we selected the K7 propellers by testing. K5 and K6 also showed good results, but gave a strong reduction in maximum speed to please the quick glider output. With the K7, the top speed has not changed much and was measured at 84 km/h for the SX and 86 km/h for the Volvo FWD 82.

As a result of many hours of hardware measurements and computer readout from the engine control unit, the experts found a 20 per cent reduction in fuel consumption across the entire engine range.

The boat became faster to go on hydroplaning (with the SX column at 3400 rpm, with the Volvo FWD at 3100 rpm). The number of engine rpm required to go on hydroplaning and set cruise speed (45 km/h) also decreased - from 3200 to 2700-2900 rpm in the first case and from 3500-3700 to 3000-3200 rpm in the second case.If the SX emissions are partly in the water, partly in the air, the forward looking Volvo FWD drops everything exclusively in the water. And thanks to the complete absence of cavitation (the screws operate in calm water) and uneven blade loads, noise and vibration are reduced. The boat has gained unprecedented ease and efficiency when mooring and manoeuvring in confined spaces.

now our obedient Monterey reacts to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, makes turns at high speed like a sports bike and easily performs a spin on the spot.

Of course, you can't do without a spoonful of tarmacs with such impressive results, and the fact that the front screws are at greater risk of encountering heavy objects in the water requires greater care and attention. But it is the same as on a sports car: the higher the speed characteristics, the more capricious the car is. Just be careful. The second factor can upset only the holidaymakers, who pass by a frisky Monterey, raising a big beautiful wave. The Volvo Penta Forward Drive is designed for lovers of water sports and water attractions. Wakeboarding, wake-surfing, bananas, mattresses and many other water fun activities will be an integral part of your summer vacation and will bring new emotions. In addition, the forward propellers are safe from the platform and you can read more about the column here.

A small boat is particularly sensitive to the correct placement of passengers and cargo on board. This problem is easily solved by the Volvo Penta Boat Trim System (BTS), which allows you to control the differential and roll of the boat on the move, i.e. acts as well known to ship owners of transom plates. But unlike the latter, the interceptors are easy to install and, most importantly, when the ship's power supply is cut, the interceptor's operating elements are automatically removed from the hull. This, for example, eliminates the possibility of protruding parts being removed during mooring. In addition, it creates less resistance at high speeds, which means less fuel consumption and more speed.

By the time the desire coincides with the possibilities and you mature to a full boat, it is not necessary to part with the boat. An advanced baby can take the place of a stylish tender.

Or stay a pleasure option in Russia, while the main yacht, replacing a summer house, will stand somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. For example, the 40-foot Greenline Hybrid, which does not disturb the sounds of nature with the rumbling of the motor during the berth. But that's another story.

In the meantime, we're waiting for spring to bring all our ideas to life in the little Monterey 224.

The cost of pleasant «bonuses»

Column Volvo Penta Forward Drive: up to 900,000 rubles

Interceptors: up to 100,000 rubles

Heater: up to 150,000 rubles

Webasto air top 2000: up to 70 000 rubles

Toilet: 12 000-15 000 rubles

Weber Q 1200 grill: 27 000 rubles

Teak finish: 350,000-500,000 rubles

Refrigerator 34 liters: 15,000-30,000 rubles

Walking tent: 120,000-150,000 rubles

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