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Model range of Sunseeker

The brand Sunseeker produces motor Superyachts and planing Yachts with Flybridge. There are 22 models from 11 to 49 meters in the current model range from 6 lines: Manhattan, Performance, Predator, Sport Yacht, Superyacht and Yacht.

About Sunseeker

The history of the company

The story of Sunseeker began in 1969 in the seaside town of Poole in the county of Dorset in southern England. Its creator, Robert Braithwaite, was able to lay the foundation for the current yacht giant on the basis of Poole Powerboats, distributor of European and American brands of sports boats. His interest in speed, as well as his interest in something new in the shipbuilding industry, led to the use of materials and technologies that were innovative at the time.

The shipyard's debut and highly successful models are the Sovereign 17 and 20, launched in the early 1970s. Later, Sunseeker boats were designed by renowned racing boat designer Don Shead. Under his leadership, the conquest of the Mediterranean market began with the production of innovative cruisers such as the breakthrough Offshore 28 with its excellent speed performance. That's when the company decided to change its name to Sunseeker International.

In an effort to increase the size of the models, the shipyard launched the Renegade 60, which was the first to receive dual jet drives, giving the yacht excellent speed and manoeuvrability. In the mid 90's the manufacturer began to conquer the superyacht segment with the launch of the Predator 80, followed in 2001 by the Sunseeker 105. The 2008 crisis did not leave the company behind - it was in debt and was acquired in 2010 by FL Partners, an Irish investment group, and in 2013 ownership was transferred to the Chinese Dalian Wanda Group. Today, the majority of the company's vessels are exported - over 150 per year. This is facilitated by a network of more than 120 sales and service centers around the world.

Status .

Sunseeker is one of the world's industry leaders, and the largest British yacht yard.

Production .

The main office and main facilities - 9 production sites, including one with a deep-water bay for the construction of large vessels - are located in Pula. The yard's specialists are building luxury motor yachts of both custom and semi-custom type by hand. The main material is composite. Customers wishing to build a yacht over 100 feet long are offered a unique «bespoke»service: the customer can create a yacht of his dreams from «scratch».


With a single design concept, Sunseeker yachts are well recognisable, whatever the family they belong to. The Yacht series, the Sunseeker classic flybridge cruiser, is available in six models from 23.6m to 48m, with the flagship 161 Yacht looking very formal, all in a different league. The Predator family includes high-speed models (up to 45 knots) with a semi-closed interior from 16.5 to 23 m long. The Manhattan series is a spacious mid-sized flybridge yacht that demonstrates new standards of comfort and relaxation.

Features .

Sunseeker is undoubtedly an «icon» of the British yachting industry and its boats are the embodiment of British style in yachting, not without reason they took part in the shooting of four Bondiana movies.

Out of production yachts and powerboats Sunseeker


Videos of the builder Sunseeker

Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Sunseeker shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Великолепная пятерка Sunseeker | Мировая премьера

Верфь Sunseeker рада официально представить 5 новых моделей 2021 года. «Великолепная пятерка» : Manhattan 55, Predator 55 EVO ™, 65 Sport Yacht, 88 Yacht и 90 Ocean.
Sunseeker Russia 21.05.2021

В разговоре с ... Часть 1 | Как развивается дизайн яхт?

Загляните за кулисы верфи вместе с Андреа Фрабетти (генеральный директор), Ювеном Фостером (главный технический директор) и Кейт Гейл (дизайнер интерьера).
SunseekerIntl 14.12.2020

В разговоре с ... Часть 2 | Знаменитая пятерка Sunseeker

Разговор об обновлении линейки и запуске пяти новых моделей.
SunseekerIntl 15.12.2020

В разговоре с ... Часть 3 | Что делает Sunseeker таким особенным

SunseekerIntl 16.12.2020

В разговоре с ... Часть 4 | Долгожданный запуск 90 Ocean

SunseekerIntl 17.12.2020

В разговоре с ... Часть 5 | Давайте поговорим об интерьерах "знаменитой пятерки" Sunseeker

Обсуждаем особенности интерьеров новых моделей 2021 года.
SunseekerIntl 18.12.2020

В разговоре с ... Часть 6 | Каким будет 2021 год для Sunseeker

SunseekerIntl 19.12.2020

Documents of Sunseeker

In this section, you can download scanned articles about the shipyard published in the mass media, an overview of its model range, price lists for the models, and other materials.

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