Blind Ekaterinburg residents will take part in an international regatta


The inclusive team «Sails of Spirit» from Yekaterinburg will compete for high places in an international sailing regatta, ITAR-TASS reports. The athletes will race in the city of Gecek, where the amateur competition starts on Saturday.

The uniqueness of «Sails of the Spirit» is that four of the eight crew members are visually impaired. Completely sight-impaired sailors will be the sailors, each of them will be responsible for their own sheeting.

The captain Yury Matveev is sure that his charges will perform adequately as «team turned out played».

The unprofessional international regatta will be held from May 4 to 11 off the coast of Turkey. There are 150 athletes registered to participate, many of them with disabilities. The races will be held on sport-cruise yachts.

Let us explain that «Sails of the Spirit» is not just a team of non-professional yachtsmen, but also a club of interest. The main aim of the project is to organize a round-the-world sailing with the participation of people with disabilities. The sailing is planned for 2015, and preparations for it have been underway since 2011.

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