Alexander Bozhko, Sergey Komissarov and Denis Gribanov about sailing and about yourself.

Alexander Bozhko, Sergey Komissarov and Denis Gribanov about sailing and about yourself.

Rules of life of nominees for the 2019 WFSFS «Yachtsman of Russia Award»
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On the threshold of the award of the All-Russian Federation of Sailing Sport Yachtsman «of Russia 2019, the award» ceremony of which will take place tonight in Moscow, we continue to represent the nominees. In the first part the girls told about themselves. Now it's men's turn to tell what they consider to be their greatest achievement of the past season and their entire career, whether they believe in luck and what qualities they consider to be the most important for a yachtsman.

Sergei Komissarov.

The leader of Russian national team in class Laser «»

The main purpose of this season is the License for the Olympic Games 2020. And I handled it 100%. It is no secret that the laser is a relatively young class in the Olympic program, but in its short history it has managed to become the most popular and mass in the sailing world! I sincerely believe that this is the strongest and most competitive class! I am happy to be a part of it.

The maximum limit of participants in the World Championships in the Laser Standard Class is 160 athletes, not everyone can get to it. This makes it difficult to take an Olympic license, especially for European countries. In contrast to America or Asia, we have no further chance of getting a license for other regattas.

All season I and my team went smoothly to these competitions, on my part all moral and physical strength were given. I suffered a shoulder injury, which I eventually fought off at three more serious regattas (test events before the Olympics, the World Cup and the Russian Championship).

I took the license for our country 17th place, the last license was taken 21st place. This indicates the most brutal struggle and density of results.

There were about 30 applicants for five licenses in total.

In the first place was the work on the opponents, the main emphasis was on tactical solutions. The license for the Olympics is not only my work and personal coaches, but also a large staff of people, including the leadership of the Federation, the Academy, CSKA, sponsors and partners, the head coach, a doctor of the national team and many, many others. Thank you so much for that!

The tasks set for the season have been completed. Next year I'm in the top ten of the strongest yachtsmen at the European Championships, I got a License for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, for the ninth time in a row won the Russian Championship in the Laser Standard class.

Next year's preparation will be directed, firstly, to the selection of the Olympic team, and secondly, to the Olympics. A lot depends on when we will have these selections. Of course, the Olympiad is more important and we will focus on it, but we still have to go through the internal selection first. That is why the internal selection process is a bit of a hindrance to the systematic preparation for the Games itself. But this is life. That's what it always looks like.

If we talk about the most unforgettable races in my life - the first Russian Championship is remembered by me very much. Then the level I was, of course, much weaker. We were all weaker level, all were about equal. In the world, we did not perform as we do now, but this competition is about the same level, it excited the brain very much. And I remember the race at the World Championships when I first came.

First steps in sports are best remembered. I remember the first time I came to the yacht club, the first time I started training, the first time I went to Anapa for a Russian competition.

We started then, and it was hard. There were no neoprene suits. The first time we came to Anapa, I just had my mother pack my regular clothes. A woolen jacket, regular sneakers. And we came, we went to the races. April is a month in Anapa, like spring in Moscow. It's cold, 10 degrees. We went to the water in it all - there's ice water. Of course it's soaked, it's frozen. But nothing, either. I had to chase it even like that. There was nowhere to go.

I remember when coach brought me my frank shorts later. I asked my mother and father for money, they were the last ones I had, you might say. Then, in 2005, they were worth €150. Of course, the coach brought in, as he said, for «growth. I wore an M, he brought me an XL. They were hanging on me, but it was better than what we originally walked in.

Those guys who are chasing me now, I saw them for the first time: Denis Gribanov, Pasha Sozykin. I remember them, and here we are all still studying together. Always on the same team training camp. Only they go to the 470, and I go to the Laser. Last time at the Olympics, everybody was together.

Memories are funny. I was racing in a sweater, Dan Gribanov was selling corn in Gelendzhik on the beach to go to a competition in Turkey. Now I can't even believe it started like this. It's very adventurous.

The highest results that I have shown in my life is the European Championship in 2012 (3rd place I took), in 2018 at the European Championship I took 4th place, just a little short of a medal. What an Olympic Games, 2016, itBoat. I was 15, the result was not very satisfied, because it went much better and because of a few stupid mistakes did not get a ten. This did not allow further fight for a medal or at least for a higher result. I was happy anyway, but the sludge remained. I would like to remove this sediment.

In fact, a lot has changed since those Olympics. Before those games, it seemed more unreal than real to me. People seemed to be different. It seemed that you raced with other riders, that they were much stronger.

And after the Games, somehow, the way things looked changed. I started to understand that they are the same, they are made of the same head, the same brains, the same blood. It's the same, there's nothing special about it.

This understanding was further strengthened when the head coach of the national team and the president were able to find funding and I was able to join the group of guys, the world champions - Cypriots were training, Stepanovich - their coach. Subsequently, this initiative was financially supported by the Olympic Committee - began to pay for the coach.

It was possible to train all the time - it gave a boost. The level has become constantly higher. Before that, I could compete in the top ten or twenty, and lose the next regatta. I haven't dropped below 25th place on average in any regatta in the last three years. It's like a bar of sorts. Mostly tenth to twentieth. Sometimes in the ten, sometimes in the 20. The last three world championships are in the same range.

At the World Championships I have not been able to perform in the last days so that I could get into the top ten, in the top five, in the top three. At the last World Championship I was separated from third place by a pair of points until the last day. Then I made a mistake, and that was it. And in the end I took the 17th place. Everything is decided that way. Some people make mistakes and some people don't. That's why we train to exclude these mistakes.

Of course, there is no luck here either. It must be present.

It's important that the fartilo. And a fartilo is usually for those who are strong.

Some custom of luck I haven't seen behind me. My coach told me that very often he noticed that when I succeed, I become more silent. Rarely, I talk less much, I start to be more silent at meetings, I become more in «myself . As he says, I keep my fortune safe. And at responsible starts, he also said that he sees me from the outside. That when responsible starts pass, I am not visible and not heard and I appear at the last moment, it is possible to tell. Sort of like a yacht club came in advance, on time, it's okay, on time went out on the water, but you can not see me there on the territory. There are those who shine, they can be seen all the time.

But I think it's just the concentration of attention that works in my body so as not to spray.

Denis Gribanov

President of the Gelendzhik Sailing Federation. In 2019 the crew of Denis Gribanov and Pavel Sozykin won for Russia an Olympic license in class 470 for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, as well as the title of national champions.

The most important victory this year is winning an Olympic license for Russia at the World Championships. It is the most important and the most significant regatta this year. And the most successful, because winning an Olympic license for Russia will give our country the right to participate in the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are the main sailing competitions for every yachtsman and they are held once in 4 years. Therefore winning a license is, of course, the main goal that we set for our crew and that the management set for our crew.

Of course, the training had its own features.

You're trying to reach the peak of your uniform for certain competitions. From the point of view of both physical condition, and moral, and work with the material part, with the settings of the boat. Everything must come together at a certain starting point.

This season we didn't do so well for the World Championships. But, thank God, we coped with all the difficulties and managed to win a license for Russia. We had some logistical difficulties, but, nevertheless, everything worked out. Everyone, thank God, worked 100%, everyone made efforts to level out these problems, and we got the match on time and were ready, set up to show good results at the World Championships.

In general, each regatta is different from the others and is remembered in its own way. There are sad regattas, and vice versa, joyful.

A sad moment that will be remembered for life - when we had a breakdown at the European Championship on the last racing day. It was worth a bronze medal.

Well, one of the happiest things to remember and remember is winning a bronze medal at the World Championships. This is our best result. The most important and the highest.

In the history of Russia at the world level in the class 470 among men no one climbed the podium. Pavel and I succeeded.

Of course I believe in luck. As for talismans or traditions ... There is not that any tradition, there is faith, there are certain circumstances, scenarios, according to which you act on a certain water area or at certain competitions. You simply notice these circumstances that, under these circumstances, are currently successful, lucky and try to repeat the same thing every day, the same scenarios in order to achieve success. Well, sometimes it works, sometimes not. It doesn't always work. When it works, you could say, yes, there are superstitions, good luck. When it doesn't work, as the proverb says, hope for God and don't be a bad person. You need your strength to show high results.

Alexander Bozhko.

Vice-President of the Sailing Federation of the Chechen Republic, «Akhmat» Chechnya Steering Team

Our team this season managed to win the so-called «track -»to win the three most top competitions of the country.

These are the winter series of the National Sailing League, the highest division of the National Sailing League and the Russian Championship in the most mass and competitive class of the world J70. This success can not but be happy, especially in the debut season. Each victory was very important, it is hard to single out any one. Each played its irreplaceable role.

It is worth noting our participation in the European and World Championships in J70 class, where we took 18th and 11th places respectively. We were very fast, especially on the full course. All fleet leaders were able to appreciate and feel our speed on the water. One of the days of the World Championships we were even able to close «. Thanks to 13,2,3 parishes we were in the first place in the ranking at the end of the day. For me, this moment was probably one of the best in the year. To realize that the team has potential, and in comparison with the world leaders is very important.

For the next season, we raise the bar higher and will definitely focus on the European and world arenas. We are planning to participate in the European J70 Series, the World and European Championships and the World Yacht Club Championship. We promise, the fight will be exciting!

At the moment sailing in Chechnya is in the development stage, for the second time it has been a traditional regatta on Lake Kezenoi-Am in the Chechen Republic, and the Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov Cup children's regatta was held for the first time. Children have the opportunity to go in for sailing in Grozny, and the adult team is gaining momentum. All this is due to the productive work of Federation employees and athletes who represent our team.

In my opinion, we make history. Has anyone ever heard on planet Earth that the Chechen Republic has a sail?

Undoubtedly, we express great thanks to Hero of Russia, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, for his approval and assistance in developing the sailing team and sport in the republic, and for his help in developing the sailing team.our team commander, President of the Sailing Federation of the Chechen Republic Khasan Huseynovich Khadzhiyev, who has invested a lot of work in creating and developing sailing in the Chechen Republic.

My personal achievements are made possible only thanks to my family: my wife Catherine and son Gleb. They are my motivation. I cannot let them down.

In general, the main thing for a yachtsman is his desire and desire to win, his skill and confidence in his abilities. Without these qualities, it is difficult to be in the top.

«Ahmat»is power!

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