Personal «portable island introduced»

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Derlot, a young design group from Brisbane, Australia, has unveiled its first product - a range of pontoon leisure platforms. The project is called Waterscape and will be implemented by Superior Group.

Waterscape is a platform at anchor, which can be compared to an open-air living room or the wide deck of a yacht.

Journalists have managed to dub it «a portable personal island».

«The» island is assembled from modules. Each part of its interior can be replaced at will.

«To keep the buoyancy of the watercraft at the same level no matter how and what» is stuffed with (it can also be used as a landing pad for a helicopter), designers conducted a series of tests and now claim that Waterscape is completely safe.

Market launch date and price have not been disclosed. It should be noted that the development of the portable island began in 2012.

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