The Russian yachting community helped Yuri Firsov to participate in the regatta

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A fundraising campaign has been launched online to help yachtsman Yuri Firsov take part in the transatlantic race on Mini 6.50 class yachts.

The experienced athlete plans to become the first representative of the Russian Federation to take part in this competition. He has already bought an appropriate boat, passed the mandatory qualifying races and prepared for the start in early September, but the rules of the regatta were suddenly changed - now participation requires a big investment.

«Due to the well-known political events my situation with sponsors has changed drastically. Promised aid from the partners did not come in full», - says the post on the page of yachtsmen in Facebook.

The sailing community did not ignore the situation.

«I am deeply convinced that Mini 6.50 class is very perspective not only in the world but in our country as well. It seems to me that Yury's participation would break the vicious circle - our guys do not participate in regattas of the class, because few people write and show about them in mass media», says Andrei Sharkov, president of the Russian Cruising Club.

Class Mini 6.50 is a sailing boat, designed for solo racing, which length does not exceed 6.5m and width not more than 3m. The most famous of the races of the class is the Mini Transat 6.50, which Yuri Firsov is going to participate in.

At the time of writing this post on the account of the yachtsman received 367 900 rubles (required amount - 500 thousand rubles).

You can transfer donations using the following requisites:

- «Sberbank card»: 4279380015028295 Yury Firsov, personal account number 40817810938254013412, bank division number 9038-1122, BIK 044525225
;- card number «MasterCard Russian Standard»: 5100921540297525 Yuriy Firsov

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