«Yachtsman of the Year»: two awards again and overlapping nominees

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The organizers of the «Yachtsman of the Year Award» from the All-Russian Sailing Federation and the editors of Yacht Russia magazine have not been able to reconcile for a year. Two award ceremonies await us again in 2018. On November 26, the best of the best will be honored by the VFSU, and three days later by Yacht Russia.

The shortlists for both awards are already available on the organizers' websites. And judging by them, there is a definite possibility that this year the «Double Yachtsmen of the Year» could be selected.

One of the candidates for such an unusual title is Sergey Komissarov. His most recent achievement is silver in the «Japan Open Championship», which he won just the other day, November 6. In addition, in 2018, he was again the best at the Russian Championships by a wide margin. In the past he was also a bronze medalist at the World Championship, European Championship and Universiade in China in the class «Laser Standard».

DaniilKrutskikh could theoretically win two prizes at once. By the age of 19 he had already become the youngest in Russia Master of Sport International class. This year among his victories are Russian and European Championships (under 19). Daniil became the bronze medallist of the European competitions. He also won bronze at the 4th Summer Spartakiade of Youth of Russia. And at the Russian Championship the young man took silver.

Daniil's father Vladimir Krutskikh was also short-listed for the prize» in the nomination «Yachtsman of the Year. Two-time world champion in Finn-Masters category, this year he won the first European Championship in his class.

There were also crossings in the short lists of the women's category. Both awards recognize kiteboarder Elena Kalinina and windsurfer Yana Reznikova. Among Kalinina's sport victories this year are silver medals at the World Championship in Aarhus(Denmark), at the European Championship in Warnemünde (Germany) and at the World Cup in Weifang (China). Reznikova is considered one of the strongest young athletes in the world. In 2018, switching to the Olympic 8.5 sail, she won bronze at the Junior Olympics and European Championships.

There are just three candidates for the award in each category on the shortlist compiled by the Yacht Russia jury. In the nomination «Yachtswoman of the Year» 13-year-old Alexandra Lukoyanova keeps company with Kalinina and Reznikova.

She holds a unique record in Russian sailing: participating in international and national championships in four yacht classes («Optimist», «Europe», «Laser 4.7», 29er) she was the winner and prizewinner in three of them.

The contenders for the title of «Sailing Team of the Year» according to Yacht Russia are also nominees «Yachtsman of the Year» VFS: Pavel Kuznetsov (helmsman ) and EvgenyNeugodnikov (tactician) from the «Tavatui» team. The team for the second year in a row won the gold medal of the World Championship in the Melges 32 class.

But of the nominating team«Bogatyri», which this year finished first among the twin crews of the 50th Rolex Middle Sea Race, only helmsman Igor Rytov made the VFS nominee list . He also won third place in the 2018 Melges20 World League European Division and World Championship bronze in that class. Rytov's comrade Vyacheslav Martynov, unfortunately, can only count on a team award from Yacht Russia.

In addition to «Yachtsman of the Year», «Yachtswoman of the Year» and«Sailing Team of the Year» will be chosen«Judge of the Year», «Coach of the Year», «Best Long-Distance Sport Cruise», «Kids Sailing School of the Year» and«Best Competition Organizer». There will also be awards «For contribution to the development of sailing», for«Best coverage of sailing competitions» and«For loyalty to sailing».

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