King of Spain seeks owner for his yacht

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The yacht Fortuna, which has belonged to the Spanish royal family for more than 13 years, is looking for new owners. The vessel, which has been renamed Foners, has been refurbished and is currently located in Mallorca. This vessel is now fully prepared for the sale, which was first announced in May last year.

The reason for the sale is simple.

«The 41-metre» Fortuna, built in 1997, was presented to the crowned heads in 2000 at a market value of €18 million at the time. Capable of speeds up to 68 knots per hour, it can accommodate 8 passengers and 8 crew and was last used for cruises in August 2012.

The buyer of the luxury item has not yet been found, it could be anyone. The cost of renamed boat has not been voiced, however, whatever it may be, all the proceeds will go to charity - will be spent on tourism development on the islands.

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