Best Megayachts of the Year 2020

Best Megayachts of the Year 2020

Get to know the biggest World Yachts Trophies nominees.
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At the last moment, the French authorities banned the Cannes Yachting Festival, Europe's largest exhibition of boats on water. However, the organizers managed to hold the traditional Cannes award of the best of the best motor models within the World Yachts Trophies. We have already talked about the nominees of this award in the sizes from 13 to 20 meters, from 20 to 24 meters, from 24 to 30 meters and from 30-50 meters. In the last part of the selection we offer you to get acquainted with superyachts longer than 50 meters.

Best exterior design in the 164 to 270 feet segment.

Admiral 55 m Geco.

The exterior design of this 55.2 metre yacht was the responsibility of the GMC Architecture studio.

One of the main highlights of the project was the multifunctional platform at the bow of the hull.

It can be used as a helicopter landing site or as a Moroccan-style relaxation area where guests can watch a movie outdoors. The round platform did not try to be entered in the case, its segments hang over the starboard and port side.

Another feature of the Geco exterior is the glass boards in the beach club area aft.

CRN Voice (winner)

The stylish aerodynamic silhouette of the 62-metre Voice is a credit to the renowned Italian studio Nuvolari & Lenard.

The design of this boat created under the individual project, has been urged to transfer features of the person of the owner.

In addition to its streamlined shape, it is also distinguished by its gradient colouring using several shades of grey and a vertical stem.

The bow is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a way to achieve the maximum length of the waterline, which allows to increase the speed of the boat (up to 16 knots) and get additional living space in this area.

Voice is the first CRN yacht to meet the new Tier III emissions standards.

Sanlorenzo 62 m Steel

This 61.5 metre yacht, designed by Mauro Micheli, prides itself on its outdoor areas. She is particularly lucky to have a boat owner with a separate 210m2 deck. The interior areas are less than half the total area.

The beach club and the adjacent areas (bar, gym, hammam) occupy almost the same area of about 90 square meters. The folding boards, which turn into terraces by the water, make it possible to increase the area of the beach club by another 40 square meters.

Apart from the sea, guests can also swim in the Jacuzzi on the Sundeck or in the pool on the main deck fore. The lid that covers the pool turns it into a sunbed of 8 m².

Best Segment Layout from 164 to 270 feet

Bilgin 263

The 80-meter model with a capacity of 1680 register tons has become the flagship of the Turkish shipyard. It can accommodate 12 guests and 25 crew members.

The business card of Bilgin 263 is its aft area. The main deck pool is located just above the indoor beach club on the lower deck. And just above the second pool, which is there.

Damen SeaXplorer 62

This 62-meter model with an impressive capacity of 1850 register tons (170 more than the 80-meter Bilgin 263) is the younger sister of 77-meter La Datcha of Russian banker Oleg Tinkov. There is practically no outdoor recreation area on board, but it seems that the owners will not grieve much about it. This is an explorer of the ice class - admiring the Arctic and Antarctic beauty is clearly much more pleasant from a warm and cosy cabin. Guests can stay on board up to 12 people. The crew consists of 16 people.

What's on board is all sorts of storage spaces for everything in the world. The heliport has a hangar and a couple of tenders are waiting in the garage - the owner has every opportunity to explore the coast.

The SeaXplorer 62 has enough food, water and fuel reserves for a month of absolutely autonomous voyage.

Without refueling, the vessel can travel up to 6,000 nautical miles.

Nobiskrug Artefact (winner)

Artefact is the most spacious 80m yacht in the world. Her interior volume is 2999 register tons. This is what happens when a 55-metre boat initially grows by as much as 25 metres while working on a project!

Before laying the keel, Artefact's creators removed the warehouse for six months and created layouts of the owner's deck and other key locations such as the beach club, main salon, galley and wheelhouse. All life-size. This avoided unexpected changes during the construction phase. The use of VR was intentionally abandoned - more expensive, and the effect is not the same. The history involuntarily remembers how 90 years ago the 109-meter barque Sea Cloud was created in the USA, which today is the oldest ocean passenger ship in the world. Whether the Artefact will go down in history or not, time will tell.

The total weight of the glass used for windows on board Artefact is almost 60 tons.

The glazing area is 740 square meters. The largest single segment has an area of 14.6 square meters and a length of 10.6 meters.

Another remarkable feature of this yacht is her master suite. Contrary to usual, she is not located on the fore deck or even on the midships, but aft.

A yacht of the year among boats longer than 270 feet.

Benetti Luminosity (winner)

The 107.6-meter-long Luminosity is a true anthem of high technology and art.

There are interactive panels on board with a total length of up to 370 meters.

Some areas on a boat can only be accessed by fingerprint. Hybrid motors are so good that in absolute silence, without the generators on, the yacht can go 12 hours without stopping.

The interior contains references to paintings and sculptures by Damien Hirst, Man Ray, Henri Matisse and Anshi Kapoor. Some of the interactive panels are used to project dozens of magnolia flowers that bloom when a person passes them. All this is framed by 800 square meters of windows.

Capacity of Luminosity 5844 register tons. The yacht can accommodate 27 guests and 37 crew members. At the lower levels guests will find a swimming pool, spa, steam room and a cold font where the water temperature is kept at 4°C.

The floor of the large swimming pool rises to form a dance floor of 30 square meters.

The owner of Luminosity has not yet. The yacht is sold through Burgess for €225 million.

Lurssen Scheherazade

This megayacht from the German shipyard, originally named «Project»«Lightning, is»a complete mystery. Virtually nothing is known about this megayacht. Even the length of Scheherazade is controversial: 130 meters or 140 meters. Hull width approx. 23 metres.

The capacity of the yacht, according to some estimates, can reach 10,000 (!) register tons.

The designer of the project may have been Espen Oeino. But neither he nor Lurssen officially confirmed it.

The renaming of the boat after the Oriental fairy tale maker, with this kind of secrecy, looks like a joke between the creators and the owner of the boat on anyone who is curious to learn more about this Lurssen.

Outside observers only need to view the exterior of the Scheherazade. Good, she's been photographed from the air quite a lot. In the pictures you can see a couple of helipads and two outdoor Jacuzzis.

Ulstein Verft Olivia O

The 88.5m Olivia O with Espen Oino design is the first yacht to receive the bow of the X-Bow with a reverse bow that provides an increased level of comfort on board in a strong wave.

Prior to that, the technology was only used on service vessels.

Ulstein Verft usually specializes in the construction «of workhorses, and the leisure»boat was created rather as an exception.

Olivia O has a capacity of 5,000 register tons. This is one of the most spacious yachts of this size. Up to 20 guests can stay on board. Another 30 people are included in the crew.

Behind a slightly coarse and industrial façade, the laconic Japanese style interiors hide. Each deck can be identified by the wood chosen for the decoration.

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