«Office plankton» ready to go around the world

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The «Tri Gagarinproject» announced that the main stage of preparation for the round-the-world expedition was completed: the crew completed IYT training. The training was conducted in Turkey at the Sailing Time sailing school.

« It was our first and invaluable experience of sailing. Many questions were answered, and sincere support of the people around us gave us additional strength to realize our plans», - explains project captain Maxim Pechyonik.

It is specified that apart from invaluable knowledge and experience, the team managed to get a boat for their journey (its purchase is due in May).

The expedition is scheduled to start in August 2014. «A group of people who describe themselves as» office plankton and wish to show that the around-the-world trips are available not only for professionals and people with a lot of money.

The crew of three plan to circumnavigate the earth twice. Throughout the voyage «the» gagarinswill publish photo and video reports, their location can be tracked in real time.

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