A yacht nearly finished its round-the-world voyage was detained in Yaroslavl

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The yacht Delta, on which a group of Russians set off on a round-the-world expedition in 2011, is forced to interrupt the voyage. Andrei Nevzorov, one of the participants of the expedition, wrote about it on August 12 in social networks.

He explained that the boat was stopped in the waters of Yaroslavl. The representatives of the State Automobile and Highway Highway Inspectorate found out that the vessel doesn't have «Certificate of Certification», a document that is mandatory since 2013. The yachtsmen were offered to detain in the city until the circumstances are clarified.

It is not yet clear whether the small boat will be allowed to complete the circumnavigation.

The yacht set out on a voyage three years ago, with less than 200 kilometers left to complete the voyage.

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