Instructor wrote a rap for teaching the basics of yachting

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A video of a man on a boat rapping, rhyming basic yachting terms, has surfaced online. The author and performer of the video is Maine yachting instructor Peter DiLalla. He wrote the rap to make it easier for children to remember the structure of a boat.

«When you first start sailing you have a lot to remember. The front is called the bow and the back is called the stern. The big white sail is called the mainsail, the small one is called the jib. The ropes with which they are connected are the sheet ropes»," the author reads to a minuscule beat while steering the sailboat.

DiLalla goes on to warn that there is a danger of getting hit in the head by the boom on a sailboat, so you need to be careful and duck down. Such a warning will never be superfluous.

At the end, the author raps about what to do if a sudden gust of wind carries you to the reefs - first of all, warn the crew and stay calm.

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