Yacht Show Launches in Cannes

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The boat show has kicked off in Cannes. Cannes Yachting Festival The show will run from September 9 to 14 and will present to the public some 550 boats from 10 to 55 metres in length. More than 100 of them will be shown for the first time.

The most prestigious yachts are Ocean Paradise by Benetti (55 metres), TJ Esperanza by Yacht & Villa International (50 metres), Mim by Burgess (49 metres), Viudes 45 by Viudes Shipyard (48.2 metres), 46 Displacement by Baglietto (46.3 metres).

To remind, during the show there is a photo competition. The participant is to take a photo corresponding to the contest theme «(Sea, Yacht & Sky» ), post it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #CannesYachtingFestival.

For the Autumn Show season we are launching a new section on the website «Boat of the Day», where from September 9th to 14th we will share the boats we were at the Cannes show.

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